Score depends on task answer speed

July 10, 2019 - 1 minute read

So far you have been able to add timer to the question. Now you can optionally set it to deduct points depending on how fast the player answers.

How to apply?

Create the task. In the Advanced tab add a timer in seconds, for example 120. Tick the “Score depends on answering speed” and save the task. During the game players who are slower to complete the task will get less points than players who answer quickly.

How deduction of the points it is calculated?

Deduction of the points is calcualted:
Timer in seconds / Score = Time for 1 score point deducted.
Example: When the timer is 120 seconds and the task gives 10 points then every 12 seconds player will lose 1 point.

It is worthwhile to brief players about it and set up points value and timer duration so that deduction is easy to perceive and understand. 120 seconds for a task giving 60 points means change on screen in every 2 seconds.

Special cases

If point value is minus (negative) for the task in example -100, then the score depending on the answer speed is disabled. In this case if players answer correctly they get minus points and if incorrectly 0 points.

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