New feature – Activated by score in scavenger game type

April 9, 2018 - 3 minutes read

There is a new feature in a scavenger game type- score activation. On an activation screen you can set after a question the score when the question’s pin will be brought to the map for the team. It means that in the scavenger game type you now can set three types of different activations.

  • Define what  total score of the team will bring this question’s location pin on the map
  • Define after what time since the game has started, the location pin will appear on the map
  • After answering this question what next questions’ pins will appear on the map

After the defined score is reached by the team, the location pin appears on the map. Activated by score works with both minus and positive scores. If you enter in the field a zero (0), then this will be ignored.

Each location can be brought on the map only once. Also note that when instructor adds bonus points to photos or videos, added points will not take effect on activated by score feature.

In this example below, when the specific team’s total score during the game reaches 20 or bigger, the question number 2 pin appears on the map, allowing the team to go and answer a question that gives 50 points.

The most obvious ways of activated by the score use are:

1) Rewarding. Bringing huge bonus locations on the map for teams that perform well and have a high score.
2) Holding back. Bring minus locations on the map for teams that preform (too)well, to slow them down. You could even create an obstacle course with minus areas blocking most of the streets.
3) Motivating. Bringing huge bonus locations on the map for teams that perform badly and have a minus score. In games where wrong answers give minus points or games with multiple minus areas, you can rise motivation for teams who have gone into minus. For example, when the  team’s score reaches -50 or below, couple of areas giving 25 points show up, helping them to bail out from a sticky situation.
4) Progress. Creating levels in the game. After reaching a certain score,a  next bunch of location pins appear on the map

Try out setting scores to bring the pins on the map and if this serves, your game will work well!

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