7 great team building games- outdoor and indoor

February 11, 2015 - 1 minute read

We are often amazed how clever solutions and ideas for team building games  (whether they use tech or not) can be found from different companies. From indoor to outdoor. From just fun to educating the whole team. Here are some cool examples that made us feel like “I want to try that out!”.


http://www.smileurbo.com/en/  Lets you imagine you are person from  village in a community facing tough times. What will you do when investor arrives and proposes to buy land?

http://bestcorporateevents.com/program/chocolate-architect/ This sounds delicious. Team building with chocolate, lots of chocolate!

http://www.teambonders.com/team_building_activities/csi  You once had a dream to go to Police Academy? Become CSI detetctive for one day.

http://www.ravenchase.com/new-index/#/escape-game/ Artifacts, clues, symbols and creative interactive materials are placed around. Each room contains an  unique puzzle.

http://waxwingpuzzleco.com/labyrinth/ Want to escape sunlight? Labyrinth is a treasure hunt played o in the Chicago Pedway, a system of underground tunnels  that take you through parking garages, businesses, civic buildings, malls, and corridors!

http://www.mastersofthehunt.com/corporate-team-building/charitable-scavenger-hunts/department-store-sweep/ Shopping with a meaningful twist.

http://www.museumhack.com/team-building/ Team building activities in museums- getting smarter doesn’t have to be serious.

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