Treasure hunt for Christmas

December 10, 2014 - 2 minutes read

Christmas is all about treasures. So much things to expect and get. Here is a small 20 minute “treasure hunt” for your Christmas party. It’s about treasures, but these are not things.


How to run it?

Nothing to set up. Just open the Santa Treasure_Hunt.pdf and print the sheet out. Ask everybody to find a pen and they are good to go.

The brief is easy – find a person for every claim. This person should write his or her initials onto your sheet. After that you can thank her with a hug. Everybody should be physically (or at least mentally) present. You can decide if one person can appear in many cells depending of the size of the event you have.

The big finale

There are few different ways to wrap it up…

1. The traditional way
Whoever has the biggest part of the table filled (you can check that it is correct) or filled it first is the winner. Give her a mug as a prize.

2. The friendly way
You should probably not define the winning condition at the beginning. Instead at the end of the game, or when majority of players have their tables filled ask everybody to count how many hugs did the receive (remember every hug you give is a hug received also).
The winner is the one who got biggest amount of hugs. Give her a group hug as a prize.

3. The we are all-in-it-together way
Add all your hugs together and see how many did you get all together. Then decide for how long will these last. Till the next Christmas? Till Easter? Till New Year…

Not enough? Try group hug! One group hug will bump your total hug count up exactly by  NxN-N,  where N is the number of people in your party. Now you know the math of group hugs…

Happy Christmas!

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