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A new version of the Photo (Scavenger) Hunt is out!

Last week, we released a new version of Agent V. This week, we published the new version of the Photo Hunt, a remake of the Photo Scavenger Hunt!

What the Photo (Scavenger) Hunt is about?

In this simple game, you will have a list of photos to take with your fellow players. The more you succeed in taking pictures, the more levels you unlock.

Each level provides you with a new set of fun photos to take.

So, here are some examples of photos that you can have:

A meme “What are those?!”

“You are on a magazine cover”

“A fashion show! BUT in a hurry, the models’ clothes have been mixed up!”

And there are 18 others! Moreover, you can write down your own photo task’s instructions. This can be great if you have an idea that players can enjoy.

We improved the game “Photo Hunt”!

As I said previously, the game can be editable. In the previous version, the “Photo Scavenger Hunt” was built using the Scavenger Special tool. But now the new version is built using the Creator.

The Creator offers much better flexibility to edit your game. In fact, we used this in our favor to overcome one friction:

The original Photo Scavenger Hunt is playable using a map. What if you are offering this game in different locations? Or what if you play indoors (winter is coming!)? You can’t use a game that’s location-specific.

For this reason, we switched to the list:

But if you really want a map version, then don’t worry… Next week, we will publish a map version based on the Creator!

Basides, you can find the instructor’s instructions here. You can also print them out and give this document to your facilitators.

Try the new Photo Hunt (List version) now

You can already try the game now! First of all, download the Loquiz app (Android or iOS).

The Loquiz logo

Then open the app, and accept the different permissions.

Press “Or scan QR to log in”, so you scan this QR code:

You can also type the following:

Username: photolist
Password: 123

Have fun!

As a side note

There are many more than 21 ideas for photo scavenger hunts. In this way, I wrote an article detailing 50 examples of exciting photo tasks. You can use them for any of your Loquiz games!

In case if you’d like to discuss your ideas with me, if you want to grow your business with photo hunt ideas, then you can discuss them with me. I offer a free 30-minute demo. If that interests you, feel free to pick a slot on my calendar!

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