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Trick the AI: A new Scavenger Hunt for the Game Template Market

Scavenger Hunt: Trick the AI!

Are you looking for a new Scavenger Hunt game for your events? Loquiz just released the “Trick the AI game!”

In this game, your players meet with Arti. She’s a robot who can recognize things through your phone lens: Bears, toothbrushes, apples, etc.

Arti the robot. Her face is generated using AI Midjourney
Arti Ficial the Robot

She asks the player to show them a few things… That you might not have in your surrounding.

But that’s not an issue! If you trick her into finding the correct item, Arti will accept. If you show a chair that looks like a toilet seat, or if you show a drawing of a cat, Arti will still give you points.

What kind of events is this game for?

The Scavenger Hunt: Trick the AI game works well in an indoor setup. Do you have a certain number of players (for instance 20 or 200 players) who needs a game for less than 30 minutes? Try this game out.

You will need some paper, pens and colored pencils. But you won’t need many facilitators: Everything is explained.

This game is a fun way for players to use their creativity to solve the challenge. The more they try different approach, the more they can trick the AI.

Screenshots of Scavenger Hunt: Trick the AI
Arti can identify things. And she will show you some of her artworks.

And it’s also a good cooperative game, as I’m going to explain next.

Trick Arti, trick the AI. Trick altogether

Is this game a competition about who tricks Arti the most?


Players only win if everyone succeeded in scanning all the items. Thus, there will be many ways for players to cooperate. To succeed altogether, players will also need to communicate a lot together.

Some other screenshots of the game "Trick the AI"
Many things to scan in 30 minutes!

But you should try the game if you want to know how to set it up for your players.

To try the game, there are 2 ways:

1. Try this scavenger hunt now

First of all, download the Loquiz app (Android or iOS).

The Loquiz logo

Open the app, and accept the photo permission (to scan the items later).

Press “Or scan QR to log in” and scan this QR code:

A QR code to scan to start a game from your Loquiz app (which you need to download first)

2. Try the game for your own team

You can also offer this scavenger hunt for your own team, access to all the photos they’ve sent you, edit anything in the game, and rebrand it for your own company.

To do so, first of all, create a Loquiz account here.

Then, go to the Template page:

Go to "Template" from your account

Scroll down to the “Free Templates” and find this one. Click on it.

The game Template "Scavenger Hunt: Trick the AI"

Now you have full access to the game data! Logic, illustrations, tasks, etc.

How does the game look like from the Loquiz backend
How the game looks like, behind the scene. And you can edit anything!

You can save. Then it will create a copy of the game for your own Loquiz account.

And you can also access the result page to check the players’ progress.

Enjoy! By the way, I can explain a bit more about the game through a 30-minute demo. If that interests you, feel free to book a time here!

Bonus: Arti will show you some of her artwork

If you succeed in finding anything, then Arti will reward you with one of her artworks.

Using these artworks, you can help your fellow players quickly succeed in finishing the game…

A screenshot showing a horse generated by AI
Note: All Arti’s artworks are actually made using Midjourney AI.

So, here are a few examples!

A bear

A bear generated with the AI. It looks like a normal bear.
It looks like a bear, right? Nobody is being tricked here.

A Teddy Bear

A teddy bear. It looks like a normal bear too... Not really like a plushie.
Uh, but what’s the difference between a bear and a teddy bear? Arti is adamant about the fact they are two different things.

A cat or a dog

A mix between a cat and a dog. The AI will recognize both.
For Arti, this cute creature looks like both a cat and a dog.

An apple

A painting of an apple with van Gogh's style.
Arti can be very artistic, doing things like Vincent van Gogh.

A toothbrush

It's supposed to be 4 toothbrushes. But instead, we see 2 trolls holding a broom.
Arti is 75 % sure that it’s a toothbrush. Our human eyes disagree. But if she says so… After all, we just want to trick her.

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