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Try our new Communication Game: Break the Wall!

Break the wall game illustration

Loquiz is coming up with a new communication game: Break the wall. And we offer you to try it out!

In this game, people cooperate together to break a wall and become free.

But there’s one important point…

Break the wall logo

If a team wants to be performant, communication becomes mandatory.

Each player gets information that others don’t get. So each player needs to communicate if they want their team to be the most performant.

This simple and fun exercise will give you the opportunity to demonstrate how communication is key within a professional team.

Try Break the Wall out with our game session, in February!

For the 8th of February at 14:00 Amsterdam time, we will have a game session. You can add an event on your calendar by clicking on this link.

If you own a Loquiz account, we will send the Zoom link to your inbox on Monday the 30th of January.

If you’re not a Loquiz user yet, I advise you to create a new Loquiz account.

Otherwise, feel free to contact me to get the Zoom link.

Screenshots of Break the wall
A few screenshots of the game

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