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14 Best Gamification Apps For Your Business Event

Coworkers using a gamification app as a part of a corporate event.

In a world of digital everything, it is little surprise that gamification apps have quickly become a staple in many team-building activities and corporate events. Regarded as the ultimate engagement boosters, gamification apps are all the rage among event organizers for several good reasons: 

  • they are universal – adaptable to nearly any subject or theme.
  • they are convenient to scale – most gamification apps support customization for use with small groups or at large corporate events.
  • they have no space constraints– suitable for either in-person, hybrid, or fully virtual events.
  • they are inexpensive and relatively easy to execute. Compared to elaborate physical team-building games requiring tons of props, gamification apps mostly use only attendees’ smartphones. 
  • they draw you in effortlessly. Everyone likes games in one form or another. So, using simple game elements that foster interaction and a sense of achievement are an excellent way to boost dopamine levels and galvanize active participation.
Colleagues using their smartphones on a corporate event

In 2022, the market of such applications is vast, and it offers many different solutions for event gamification. Most of these products include standard game formats, such as scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, quizzes, and escape games with real-world movement. Game creators can set up various elements and activities, such as GPS-activated locations, QR code scanning, and fun photo tasks, to name a few. Although feature distribution among gamification applications is evidently becoming more and more uniform, it is worthwhile taking a closer look at them separately, as each app has its own quirks and individual characteristics.

Below we have listed 14 gamification apps we deem the best in the market specifically for businesses and corporate events. These can also be (and are!) used for team building, education, tourism, and even HR-related activities to fuel memorable and fun experiences. 

1. Loquiz

This is the perfect gamification app for businesses and for those that require an extensive range of design options. First up, it supports a variety of game formats, such as scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, escape games, and even complex storyline games for indoors and/or outdoors. 

It includes over 20 out-of-the-box game templates to play with, but its remarkable adaptability is what truly makes Loquiz one of the top gamification apps out there. Compared to other apps, the creative process here is highly customizable, meaning that you can build your game from scratch with your own content. 

As for task difficulty, again, there is a whole array of levels to choose from, starting from simple tasks like quizzes to complex augmented reality puzzles. 

2. Scavify

This app focuses on the scavenger hunt game format, adapted for use in educational institutions and corporations, as well as during conferences. The feature that makes it a particularly good gamification app for education is its engagement dashboards which allow to easily track the progress and get players’ feedback. This way you can evaluate whether your tasks are sufficiently straightforward and how they are solved in real-life scenarios. 

3. Cluetivity

Cluetivity stands out as the pioneer of augmented reality (AR) games where gameplay occurs in the real world. The app features 4 such turnkey games, each with a different preset theme and a special action pack you order to get physical props and gadgets for the full experience. If AR is what floats your boat and you like the idea of having special tools involved, this will be the right fit for you. 

4. Goosechase

This gamification app is among the oldest in the market. Over time, they have fine-tuned their scavenger photo hunt feature to unrivaled smoothness. If you know you are not going to look for detailed customization or you only need a quick one-time solution for interaction, go ahead and try out the fun and goofy experiences they offer!

5. Scavr

This gamification app is perhaps the most budget-friendly solution on this list. Since this simple scavenger hunt platform does not offer a lot of room for customization or numerous features in hand, Scavr might also be a fitting choice for beginners just getting acquainted with the world of virtual gamification.

A woman using a smartphone

6. Social Scavenger 

In the range of gamification apps for employee engagement, this app is one of the go-to choices for team-building activities and networking. They have numerous ready-made games for virtual and in-person formats, as well as custom solutions for more advanced requirements.

7. Eventzee

Another app that makes the creation of an engaging and inclusive scavenger hunt a breeze. Eventzee offers several packages specifically designed for tourism, education, boosting sales or fundraising, as well as games in an urban environment and action-filled party packs. What’s more, they organize free scavenger hunts regularly where you can try your luck against players from around the world. 

8. Espoto

Espoto gamification app encompasses a lot of features professionals in the event industry look for: high customizability (also available as a white label solution) and a good variety of task forms. It’s a good fit not only for creating digital scavenger hunts, but also treasure hunts, city rallies, outdoor escape games, tourism activities, and quizzes. 

9. Actionbound

Yet another great example of a gamification app that highlights the versatile deployment possibilities of game elements in business. The app includes features that allow you to create adventures for incentive events, team building, tours, employee training, and more. Additionally, it’s easy to use and supports several languages. 

10. Moove

If you are only testing the water with gamification and organizing events is not your routine task, you might appreciate Moove’s pay-per-use model, instead of binding monthly packages. Another perk is that you can generate an unlimited number of demos for your game to thoroughly test it and make sure everything works exactly as you want. 

A woman using a gamification app on her smartphone

11. Navicup

This platform specializes in creating interactive maps for orienteering and distance competitions. Event professionals might be interested in their more advanced solutions for big events to help facilitate navigation and information change management. 

12. Huntzz

Another useful tool for testing the waters of event gamification, this app offers to create and share a scavenger hunt at no charge, albeit with limited features. Among other of its advantages, Huntzz is easy to use and limitless when it comes to duration and number of clues for your game.

13. Locatify

While this gamification app is indeed especially handy for businesses and organizations related to tourism, education, and museums, location-based games can work brilliantly for team building and corporate uses too. Various gameplay modes, high adaptability, and multiple languages are supported to make the Locatify platform a favorable choice for gamifying events and tasks at large international companies.

14. TAZ

Team Action Zone solutions are successfull in both professional settings and self-run events. A strong combination of an extensive library of premade games, affordable rates, and ActionTrack options for extensive game customization is what secures the app’s place among the best choices for event gamification.

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