The best way to create a city scavenger hunt game, in 3 steps

Visualisation of a city scavenger hunt and items belonging to it

Have you ever wondered how to do an amazing city scavenger hunt?!

An itinerary tour could seem to be a great activity at first, but people might enjoy a lot more discovering a city by themselves through funny challenges. Cities offer plenty of hidden secrets to discover, characters who made their fame, and fascinating stories to tell. Here you’ll find 3 steps that will allow you to make the perfect city scavenger hunt game for your clients or coworkers. 

Start by harvesting information

You should begin by gathering a lot of interesting facts. You can discover historical moments, key events, peculiar habits of the inhabitants, places known only to locals, unusual discoveries… The simplest ways of doing it are by googling and asking for information at the tourism centre. You can also simply go around and notice interesting elements that catch your attention by yourself.

Also, take into consideration the following factors:

  • Are the places of interest only accessible or more enjoyable at a certain period of the day or year?
  • Look also at the conditions of access, is the place free or do you have to pay a fee?
  • If it is a hidden place, how to access it?

All these details will make the information more or less adaptable to your around town scavenger hunt game and will serve as additional advice to the player. 

Choose the playing area and rules for your game

This step is very important to design a perimeter for your city scavenger hunt game that is not too wide or too small, so people can discover the city without having to go too far if they travel by foot. Also, be careful while selecting a game duration – if it’s too short, the players won’t have enough time to properly get into the game, meanwhile, if it drags on for too long, your players will end up exhausted.

Then, think about the rules of your city scavenger hunt and try to imagine what could be more challenging:

  • Will the participants play together or each one for themselves?
  • Will different stages of the game have varying difficulty and a varying amount of points?
  • Will you make easier questions so that the game difficulty is not too high?
  • Will you create hidden tasks? If so, how will they be integrated into the game?
  • Will the game end when everybody has finished their tasks or when the first team have reached the finish?

If the game is happening in a big city and there are plenty of interesting facts to learn, try to adapt the rules to the people playing. Maybe you can have a set of rules which personalize the player experience. For example by letting them choose the theme they want to play or one that they want to avoid, so that the game is aligned with their tastes. 

Compiling a list of city scavenger hunt ideas

Make your city scavenger hunt even more exciting

Now you have collected all of your city scavenger hunt ideas and decided on the elements of the game and the way it will be played. Then, you can do the most exciting part: how could your town scavenger hunt become even fun and engaging. For example, you could enhance the information included in the game by taking pictures and/or videos. Additionally, try to create questions with funny or amusing answers from the information you have gathered.

You must also decide, how will the players receive the questions. Will the players already have all the questions at the beginning of the game or once they have reached a certain location? In addition to that, the answers can also be submitted in different ways:

  • Taking a picture of the team in a certain way;
  • Counting the number of a certain item found at the location and photographing all of them;
  • Taking a picture of certain letters or colors found on the building.
  • And countless other interaction with the city and its inhabitants.

The players might also want to receive some clues, so you can think about some interesting ways how they could receive them.

A sign with the letters FUN found in a city

After finishing the 3 steps, only one thing remains: making the city scavenger hunt come true! At Loquiz, we provide you with the best platform to make your own game. Our team can help you through the game creation process and a course is at your disposal to learn thoroughly how to use the features offered by it. 

Let’s create this amazing city scavenger hunt!

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