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Lack of staff affecting the event and tourism industry – digital solutions

It is officially here – lack of staff is affecting the event industry. People want to travel, and companies want to have fun, but the tourism industry has trouble keeping up as workers have left for other areas during the last two years. 

So how can Loquiz help with the situation? After all, it is gamification software. You can turn trainings, venues, tours and even processes into games using Loquiz.  At first glance, it seems like it is all about innovation, more products to sell and more sales opportunities.

While we probably can not fix the shortness of staff in airports and hotels, for the event industry there is an equally important factor that Loquiz offers – efficiency.  The biggest effect of using Loquiz in team training is that you need less actual team trainers for the group. The biggest effect of using Loquiz in outdoor games is that you need dramatically fewer instructors than before. The biggest effect of using Loquiz for tours is that you do not need guides to guide the groups. 

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“After implementing Loquiz we are now using 1-2 instructors instead of 6-7 instructors in one of our typical events.”

Tord Björkqvist / Aventi

In short – you will need less human resources to carry out your activities. For Loquiz users this is nothing new. From the very first day Loquiz was used for efficiency.  Here are two examples:

  1. In traditional adventure race style event with activity locations  you would use one instructor per checkpoint or one instructor per team, depending on your setup. Amount of checkpoints and instructors would often be derived from the amount of persons and logistic needs.  With Loquiz instructor headcount was reduced to 1 to 2 instructors per entire group as virtual checkpoints acted as needed buffer for logistics. 
  2. In location specific scavenger hunt game for a company it used to be so that the instructor would go and scout the are one day, prepare the game and print out the stuff second day and then on the game day would need to go and set up the checkpoints, run the game and then clean everything up. With Loquiz no printing or additional setup-remove checkpoints was needed.  We soon discovered that in many occasions also separate scouting was not needed as the virtual checkpoints could be easily changed in the last minute as needed on the game day.

This does not mean that it fits for all tourism groups and on all occasions, but it is worth noting that using a bit of tech could lead to very big efficiency gains and ease for lack of staff.  This could amplify whatever you are doing and bring your business to new heights.

Things have changed in that companies use Loquiz to create really cool games, but the efficiency still remains one of the strongest factors as many of these games are run without live instructors on spot.  Loquiz does not need active game manipulation by the instructor during the game. While you can add instructor-heavy locations and kind of “run” the game, then in an ideal world the platform is built so that the games built on Loquiz run without heavy intervention and host thousands of players at once. In some occasions, one instructor is running several events from the distance or even selling “instructor free” adventure packages. 

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