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Message from the Main office by 360 degrees adventures – Bring your game on! Game idea series

You have an exciting opportunity to see games around the world that different event, team building, tour and adventure companies are running. In “Bring your game on!” video presentation series we will take a look on some of the most intriguing, profitable and fun game products introduced by the companies.

In the first video Alfred Baskin from 360 Degrees Adventures talks about a game called Message from the Main office.

If you wish to play the game at your event or purchase the full game to run it in your own country, make sure to look at the contact and reach out to them!

Alfred Baskin,,

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Tags:: Estonia, fax machine, Company, Message, plan, instructor, Training, radio transmitter, other teams, Goal, beginning, presentation, Competition, Game, Player, Group, cooperation, Client, Future


The message from the main office game is one of our most popular games of all time. The goal of the game is, of course, to to gain as many points as possible, but also to make it as efficiently as possible.

1 Alfred’s presentation

Tags: Adventures, Estonia, Game, presentation, Latvia, Degree, Sweden, Message

00:08 – 00:31

Speaker 1

Hello. We are here today to bring your game on a series with us from 360 degrees Adventures in Estonia. And he’s going to present an amazing game to have built. And again, thank you for joining us. And the floor is yours.

00:33 – 00:53

Speaker 2

Right. Hello. Thank you, Lisa. So, as Lisa already introduced me, my name is Alfred. And before I start, I will share my screen. So I will present the presentation. Hopefully.

00:56 – 01:47

Speaker 2

Yeah. So, yeah, I’m coming from a bench of a company at 360 degrees. We organize different adventure games and nature tours. And also we organize team trainings and end to end services as well. Mainly we are located in Estonia, we organize events but also now the working at all and, and some projects that we made in Latvia and also in Sweden, but mainly, of course Estonia. I want to specifically I want to talk about the game called message from the main office, because I think this is one of our most popular game of all time.

2 Fax machine, package and instructor

01:48 – 02:10

Speaker 2

And, and yeah, in this game our came game manager or instructor will represent him or herself as a courier who will deliver a package. And then this package or in this box, players can find the fax machine, which is not very popular anymore nowadays, but in this game works very well.

02:11 – 02:49

Speaker 2

On top of the fact, on top of this fax machine, they can find the brief or actually that message that was has has been printed out. And this message looks like this to personalize this even more for each company, we will put a bit lower on this brief. We’ll put the the name of the CEO. So it makes the feeling that this message is coming from their boss and then they have to read this read out description.

02:49 – 03:20

Speaker 2

So basically the goal of the game is, of course, to to gain as many points as possible, but also to make it as efficiently as possible as well. So efficiently. I mean, they have to give them as many correct answers as possible. And for that, and the instructor will give them the chance to predict what kind of results they will get during the game.

03:20 – 03:49

Speaker 2

And for that, we have like five plans. So the first plan is maximum. That means they will give them 100% correct answers. So all 50 questions on the field will be answered correctly. If they are that confident they can choose plan number one. If they are not confident, there are other plans like quality. That means they give them correct 75% of the questions correctly and so on.

03:49 – 04:24

Speaker 2

Now, also in the middle of the game, when the 45 minutes of the game has been played, their instructor will tell in the radio transmitter that they have a chance to change the prediction. So if they feel that they are even more efficient and or less efficient, then they can choose a different plan. But if they feel that they predicted like great, then they can stick on this plan that they chose, chose in the in the beginning of the game.

3 What are the benefits of the game?

Tags: other teams, Game, cooperation, Client, Competition, instructor, Player, Training, Goal, presentation, Lithuania, Message, Future, Ericsson, Bolt

04:24 – 04:49

Speaker 2

And also, as I say, that they can they can team each team having a radio transmitter or walkie talkie, and that is to communicate to other teams. So the goal of the game is also cooperate with the teammates, but also with the other team as well.

04:50 – 05:45

Speaker 2

And what I mean about cooperation with the other team is if somebody is answering question incorrectly, then the question will close for for half an hour and but the other teams can help them out. So that’s why they use the race radio transmitter to talk to other teams that please if if somebody can come and help us out to answer this question that our that we answered incorrectly and maybe the other teams can fix it and answer it correctly. So basically what they will find out during the game that this is not the competition between the teams. This is more like a common goal between all the teams. So, so yeah, they have to work together. And that’s why this is a very good team building team building games.

05:47 – 06:27

Speaker 2

Now what are the benefits of the game or how or how it suits for all and that and where. So basically it can be set up anywhere and it works outdoors. In the beginning of the game, it can be indoors where that effects is delivered and where they read their message, but yet most of the game will be outdoors, so they have to use the tablet, computer or the phone to move around to the through the points and then start the questions.

06:28 – 06:57

Speaker 2

And also, it does not have any competition, as I said, between the players. People need to collaborate and compete against the game. It suits the group form from 12 persons to 40, but in case the larger groups to a separate games can be created and started in the same time, so. So yeah, it works well for the smaller groups but also if we look at the games can be made for the bigger groups as well.

06:58 – 07:52

Speaker 2

Now it’s actually suitable for everybody, but especially for those who are looking to in training, to collaborate, to communicate and and so on. And also the game is easy to modify. So if there is interest to change the questions in the game, maybe they want to put more like the personal touch in the game so that the questions in the game can be as switched. And again, how many questions the client want to change is up to them. There is 50 questions in the game, so if the client wants to change just five questions, it’s okay. But also if they want to chase 40 questions also works great and it takes about an hour and a half to play the game.

07:52 – 08:14

Speaker 2

And then in the end of the game, the instructor will also make this analyze and and tell the players how they holiday, how they work. But what worked well? What was what wasn’t that good? And then they can see and learn what to bring for everyday life as well.

08:15 – 08:42

Speaker 2

So this is how the map is. Looks like look like those are the virtual points, like the fax machines and those numbers represents that order of the points. So that’s how that teams can communicate to each other. So for example, if they answer incorrectly, point number 17, they can say that team point number 17 is answered incorrectly. Maybe some other team is going to help them out.

08:45 – 09:33

Speaker 2

Now about some cool features, as I already told that that I think the most, the coolest or my favorite feature in this game is that if somebody is answering this question incorrectly, this point closes for this team for a half an hour. So basically they can’t next half hour, they can’t open this question anymore. And that’s why this cooperations comes into play, that they have to collaborate and communicate to other teams and said, say that, please help, help us out. And the goal answer this, for example, this said point 24 correctly for us and and yet I think this is that the coolest future in my opinion in this game.

09:35 – 10:09

Speaker 2

And so here are some testimonials for the companies who have played our game. Those are just a few of our clients, but that maybe most like international ones that everybody can kind of note. And so yeah, for example, Bolt operations, Ericsson is the ad delegate credits and the three are finance and that have played our game and the feedback has been very good most of the time.

10:12 – 10:54

Speaker 2

Okay, thank you. This is pretty much it above my presentation. If somebody is feeling that want to contact me, here are some contact information. And as I said, this game has can be built everywhere, basically in the world. But the fact if you want to play it with our instructor and our equipments then as well, our like the forest or forest, the game we have made is from Lithuania. So, so yeah, basically we can jump on the plane and come to the other countries as well to do to make this game possible. So thank you and hopefully you enjoyed.

4 Do you have any task that makes you smile?

Tags: other games, Mountain, discussion, presentation, Astrid Lindgren, Future

10:58 – 11:14

Speaker 1

Thank you for the presentation and joining us here today. I have one question. Do you have any favorite task in the game or any other game you have built with you which you actually it makes you smile?

11:17 – 12:02

Speaker 2

Well. Well, there are plenty of plenty of my favorite questions about them. And I think this is probably one of my favorite ones because this is all of us all the time making the discussion between the teams. It’s a pretty long question and there is also media insight, but basically participants have to figure out which of two. So basically the question is here, you can see pictures of two mountain silhouettes. One of them you can see on the packaging of that chocolate with legendary shape about the other. Both Ernest Hemingway and Astrid Lindgren have written that in their books.

12:02 – 12:29

Speaker 2

Nowadays it it’s permafrost layer is melting very quickly. It is estimated that it will be gone by year 2040 because of this. This mountain became one of the symbols of the fight against global warming. So basically that’s that’s that’s I think one of the questions that this are making is discussion between the teams most, most, most of the most of the time.

12:30 – 12:35

Speaker 1

This sounds like a good the discussion piece and the puzzle to crack, actually.

12:35 – 12:36

Speaker 2


12:36 – 12:56

Speaker 1

Very cool. But again, thank you for joining us here today and I hope you have a really interesting and even game rich summer season and I hope to see you again in the future introducing other games.

12:57 – 13:02

Speaker 2

Thank you very much for inviting me. And have a good one day yourself.

13:04 – 13:04

Speaker 1

Bye bye.

13:05 – 13:05

Speaker 2

Bye bye.

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