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How to keep player in a task?

A very interesting question popped up recently. How to force the player to keep the task open for a certain time? 

While Loquiz has built-in timers, they work the opposite way – timers set the maximum time to answer a task. A player can do it faster and depending on setup get more points for that. But in this case, we want to slow the game down not speed up. 

 It appears that there are at least two ways to do that in Loquiz. 

Negative task score and timer combo 

This will set up a task so that if the player clicks OK before the timer runs out they will get a negative score if they wait until the timer runs out they will get away with 0 points. To achieve that take the following steps.

  1. Create a “no answer” task. It is important because this task type can only be answered correctly and hence get the minus points.
  2. Give task negative score. When answered correctly the player will have points deducted from the score. 
  3. Set a timer for the task, because when the timer runs out the task is considered incorrect and the player will get 0 points (no negative points in our example).

Players will still be able to click OK and get the negative points, so within a task, you will need to explain that the player will need to wait until the timer runs out or they will get the penalty. 

Background audio

Background audio starts playing when the task opens. It just plays once or loops and can not be manipulated by the player. Audio can include the necessary correct answer to the task. 

For example, to keep a player within a task for a minute you might create audio that says in the beginning : “I will reveal a correct answer to the task after one minute – listen carefully. Then just reinforce by saying: “wait a little more”. “

You can use any answer type (text, number, code box) that expects input and regular scoring. If the player waits they can get the full score, if not they do not know the answer. 

Both of these options will not lock the player into the task but will offer a strong incentive to keep the task open for a specific time. 

What are the other options to achieve the same?

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