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Why should you use ticketing within Loquiz to sell your games and tours?

Tickets allow you to sell individual access to your games. 

Tickets are single-use username/password combos that allow the player to start, play and even continue the specific game on their device. Tickets will add a lot of control and flexibility to how the games are started. Using ticketing you can sell your games to the public using your sales channels or add the games to be sold in Online Travel Agencies (OTA-s) for example. 

Here are some cases where Loquiz users are actually using Tickets

  • selling online tickets in OTA-s
  • selling physical tickets in Tourism Info Centers
  • distributing single-use game codes online for game testing
  • using tickets in large events to make it easier for players to log in

Starting a game with a ticket works pretty much the same way as a general username/password combo, the difference is that the player can only register one player/team with every ticket. After that, the ticket becomes “used” and can not be used to start the game again. 

The tickets menu within Loquiz allows game creator to create any number of tickets, with a custom username, scope, and validity dates. Created tickets can be exported from Loquiz and imported into your final application – Online Travel Agency, store or even print form.

Loquiz will keep track of whether the ticket has been actually used. Meaning the game has been started and played with the specific ticket. 

There are no additional charges when starting games with tickets. 

We only charge per player, meaning that creating, exporting and also selling tickets does not produce any direct costs. The costs will appear when the games are actually played. This is set so to make it as risk-free for you to test different distribution channels for your games. Yes, you might sell tickets that never get played, there is no cost when this happens.

How are tickets different from the legacy batch codes?

Tickets beat batch codes in all ways. 

  • they are easier to manage
  • you have more flexibility creating them
  • tickets can be easily exported in large quantities
  • tickets seamlessly integrate with Tickets API in case you want to fully integrate Loquiz with your sales system in the future

If you are using batch codes today, then you should switch to tickets as soon as possible.  

Make sure the new single-use game codes you create are created using tickets and not batch-codes.

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How are Tickets different from Ticketing API and which should I use?

They are actually not different at all. Ticket tool within Loquiz is meant to create tickets in smaller or medium quantities and exported-imported into the outside application. Ticketing API allows you to seamlessly integrate with your store or selling environment so that ticket creation becomes fully automatic. However, this needs some programming knowledge. When you are starting with tickets we recommend taking the simple route and using Tickets within Loquiz. When the volumes go up then you will want to utilize the API for tickets. As they use the same standards, you will be able to switch from one approach to another easily.

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