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How to Implement a 360 Picture in Loquiz?

a 360 picture

For Christmas, my family gave me one of the best presents ever: a 360 Camera.

What does it change from a normal camera? It takes a 360° picture. Every angle is snapped thanks to the two lenses on the device.

Insta360 One X2, a great camera to take 360 photos.
My 360 camera, an Insta360 One X2. The picture is from the official website of the 360 camera.

My first pleasure was to bring this camera with me for a vacation in Deauville. Indeed, this city has a wonderful seaside, with a lot of traditional Normand buildings. To make the whole picture even better, there is an inspiring constant rainy weather.

So I took a lot of 360 pictures to publish them on Google Street View.

From your current device, you can see here how does a 360 picture look like

So, the question might be… How to implement in a Loquiz game without hassle?

After some research, I consequently found out that Momento360 is simply the best 360 pictures host. If you don’t have many pictures, it’s free. If you need a lot of pictures, the price is fair.

I created a small game especially for you. The aim is to succeed in all the riddles related to 360 pictures.

I provide you with an idea of how it handles:

Screenshot from the 360 Deauville tour.
Tap on an icon.
Screenshot from the 360 Deauville tour: a task
The link will open you a 360 picture.
Screenshot from the 360 Deauville tour: and finally a 360 picture
Search a little bit! You’ll find the answer to the riddle.

Do you want to try it from your own device? I made it available

First of all, download Loquiz from the AppStore or the PlayStore.

Then, either Scan this QR code or input the username password:

input the username/password written below:

Username: deauville360

Password: 360

Have fun! You will see that there are 5 quizzes related to the 360 pictures. There, it will need to search a little bit, to succeed in answering the questions.

With my experience, I observed this: players love 360 pictures’ riddles! And there are many ways to implement them.

For example, you can implement these riddles in a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

As a side note, let’s talk about the 360 videos.

To begin, here is one that I made, with the same camera:

So, did you enjoy it? If you’re on a mobile phone, then you probably did not enjoy it: YouTube doesn’t let you use the 360 effect.

Sadly, the problem is wider than this: Not any hosts for 360 videos allow showing movies on a mobile phone.

I’m currently doing some research on it. However, if you find any, please let me know! I would be happy to make a Loquiz game showing my 360 videos such as this one.

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