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11 best tour guide apps to create amazing tourism experiences

In this article, you will get a short overview of 11 tour guide apps that give you the possibility to build your own tour routes or add audio guides to specific locations. There are many ways to explore a city or a route. No matter if it is a walking tour, sailing, boats, train trips, food tour, bicycle sightseeing, birdwatching, or rally with cars, in 2022 technology offers multiple ways to enrich the experience.

Tour guide apps suit well to introduce the best locations and facts about a destination to a foreigner as well to locals who can find hidden gems or experience an adventurous mystery story-game about their home location. As a tour company, the range of platforms you can choose to build the experience your customers will benefit from is wide.

As of 2022, most tour guide apps cover at least the basics – setting up a route, points of interest, adding media files like mp3, images, and video to each location, and offline tours. The apps included in this article, do all of the mentioned, but we also point out the specific differences of each app to emphasise the strengths of each one.

1) Loquiz
2) Pocketsights
3) Voicemap
4) Mytours
5) Geotourist
6) Locatify
7) Anytour
8) Scavify
9) Navicup
10) Your Audio Tour
11) Gps My City

1. Loquiz

With Loquiz tour guide app you can build indoor and outdoor self-guided routes with the amount of gamification you need. Special features: a tour template for tourism businesses that allows building layers of different waypoints of interest within a destination. What cuts it apart is API which connects to booking and ticketing platforms. Secondly, there is a powerful content editor to keep the ever changing info about locations in sync with the possibility of translating the app to any real or imaginary language on Earth.
Try out for an instance a sample tour of Paris. Download the Loquiz app from Google Play or App Store and scan the QR code on the image below. (alternatively username: GEMPARISTour and password: justvisitit will also start the game).

A self-guided tour of Paris on the the Loquiz tour guide app.

2. Pocketsights

Pocketsights is a self-guided tour app focused on community and historical organizations, as well as colleges and universities. Special features involve asking visitors to donate to any charity. Enterprise package involves priority reviews. PI team reviews new and updated tours to ensure they meet quality guidelines. Your tours will go to the top of the review queue and be reviewed before free package tours.

3. Voicemap

Voicemap is solely an audio tour app. It automatically estimates speaking recording times and word counts has support from VM editors with comments, tracked changes and email notifications.
Includes text directions as a fallback to make sure listeners don’t get lost. Available in 12 languages.

4. MyTours

MyTours includes the same basics as all the other tour guide apps on our list. Multimedia, GPS locations, visitor analytics. Apps work with accessibility options on most devices for the visually- and hearing-impaired. The focus is on building an experience as a self-guided tour app and then publishing it on Apple or Google Play stores. Features 18 different languages.

A smartphone and a notepad placed on top of a map.

5. Geotourist

Geotourist lets you build your own journeys and inspire travelers to follow in your footsteps. Audio will trigger as they walk along your dawn path. Tours are available in 40 languages. Specialty is a simple interface aimed at creating a tour guide app in smartphones without detailed settings.

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6. Locatify

Locatify puts heavy emphasis on indoor positioning. This feature is also present in other walking tour apps in this list, but this platform includes Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which makes it stand out among others.

7. Anytour

Anytour is a self-guided audio tour app for smartphones in 30 cities. The app offers up-to-date audio-guided walks around cities all over the world. The tours are researched, written, and read by locals and travel writers. To create and promote your tours you need to sign up.

8. Scavify

Scavify is a scavenger hunt platform that also lets build an experience at destinations that are interactive and impactful for visitors. Incorporates rewards to send visitors to revenue-generating places such as dining, gift shops, and reward visits. Includes linkable banner ads.

Navicup is a new solution for building tours. It allows automatic translation of texts and there is a quality check process before you can publish your tours. Their team will review if the content is ready for public use.

10. Your Audio Tour

Your Audio Tour is the only tour guide app on the list which is focused on audio guides only. It is a simple and straightforward audio guide app solution which has a few advanced features – for example, the text to speech option with a choice of 9+ different voices.

11. GPSmyCity

GPSmyCity is a platform that connects tourists with knowledgeable local guides through self-guided city walks and GPS-powered travel articles. This tour guide app introduces local attractions, malls, restaurants, places of culture, and nightlife. It is all covered with insider knowledge only the locals are privileged to have. The city tour app also has a feature that allows users to create their own walks.

No matter if you are building tours aiming to serve international tourism travelers or delight domestic tourists, a tour guide app can speed up or even automate the sales of tour tickets, engage visitors with easy to edit content, and ease the worries of the workforce.

We hope this article will help you will find a suitable tour guide app to build your awesome products on and, through that, a successful travel season.

*This article is written by the information available on the selected apps websites and reflects only the experience of the author.

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