Loquiz partner Christiansen Consulting invites to a virtual community meetup

Loquiz partner Christiansen Consulting is happy to invite you to the virtual Loquiz Community Meetup – November 16th & 25th 

It has been a while since we met last – so it is about time! We are happy to invite you to the Loquiz meetup in November. We have a lot of interesting stuff to share with you. 

So, grab a seat on the days that suit you the best – 16th or 25th of November using the links below. 

We have prepared a compact 2-hour program – here are some of the ingredients: 

  • How to create and deliver mind-blowing events – Unleashing the real potential of Loquiz. 
  • Game time – The game wizards have prepared some magic for us – Utilizing some of the new features of Loquiz 
  • Features of 2nd and 3rd Q 2021 and a sneak preview of upcoming features 
  • New Blocks Improvement of user interface Ticketing Game experts page Support page 
  • Networking – some time to catch up with friends and make new ones. We have booked the virtual venue for some more time: Before and after the event there are possibilities for networking around the virtual tables. 

    The process is as follows: 
  1. Please access one of the two links below depending on whether you want to attend the meetup on the 16th or the one on the 25th.  
  2. Click on the button “Register for this event”, type in the email address, and then click on “Send event link”. 
  3. You should receive an email with instructions on how to register for the event. 
  4. Click on the link found in the email received and submit some additional information needed (Name, Organization, country, email).  
  5. You are now registered for the event. Once we reach the date of the meetup, you will be able to access it by using the same address you have received in your email.  

    Meetup links 

    How to create and deliver mind-blowing events (Asia-Europe-Africa)
    16th of November at GMT 8:00 


    How to create and deliver mind-blowing events (US-Europe-Africa) 

    25th of November at GMT 15:00 

    We are looking forward to seeing you!

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