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Loquiz seen on the TV! A case study from the Réunion Island

Loquiz on TV

A month ago, our partner Lolipop from Réunion Island received great public attention. Indeed, they conceived a Loquiz game that was a great success.

A national TV called Antenne Réunion even made a sequence presenting the game.

Linfo.Re picture showing people having a nice picture using Loquiz
You can watch the sequence here.

Do you know why the Loquiz game received so much appraisal?

It’s responding to a problem on this island. There is a high unemployment rate. In 2019, 39% of the 15-29 years old were actively looking for a job. This number is even higher today, after the pandemic.

However, this ever-existing problem will be difficult to solve. A game might not be the solution. But part of the solution might reside in what will appear next:

Many public facilities are meant to offer help for young integration in the workplace. The city hall is often providing these tools to help connect the young individuals and the hiring companies.

Yet, the public institutions noticed a lack of awareness from the young unemployed to their helping facilities.

What would be a way to communicate? You need to provide a lot of information. But at the same time, you have to avoid being too formal.

The solution to this issue is gamification.

Indeed, by using an outdoor game, you will easily provide all the possible information to redirect the young people to the facilities.

Loquiz can easily help you set up a gamification solution for an existing issue.

If you have an idea of such a game, why don’t you start your Free Trial account?

Meanwhile, there is a consequence of such a success: Other Réunionese city halls contacted our partner. They want to provide the same game in their municipality.

You can learn more by reading the following article (in French).

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