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A Hybrid Game for Christmas, to play as a team-building event

The month of December is coming in a few days. For the event companies, it means that they will be busy, very busy. At least this was the case for the previous years. Yet, this year have seen the coronavirus crisis. This drastically impacted every event company… Unless they are ready to provide a hybrid game.
Here, we will talk about a Hybrid Game for Christmas.

Insolit'Prod's Crazy Christmas: Hybrid Game for Christmas

The pandemic is a landslide. So what? Companies still need a Hybrid Game for Christmas

We are still in a situation of crisis. This brought consequences to the event sector: No more events. Many events companies are on hold. I’ve seen some of them simply stopping all their activity, to move on to other sectors.

And yet, they all are missing a real demand: Hybrid games for Christmas.

Perhaps, most of the events can’t unite people in the same place. However, the companies are still craving games for team-building. The only way to fulfill this demand is to provide hybrid games.

Playing an hybrid game from home

From my side, I can tell you that this is booming. Not only because there is the pandemic, but also because it’s way cheaper for both of the sides: No need to pay any transport fees anymore.

Now, the 25th of December is approaching. Thus, many companies are asking for a Hybrid Game for Christmas, few of them get a satisfying offer from event companies.

Loquiz community is offering a game that will satisfy companies craving for games.

For example, here is one: The #CrazyChristmas game.

You can try and resell the #CrazyChristmas game now

In our Loquiz community, we have many brilliant game creators. And we share/sell game concepts to each other.

In the next paragraphs, I’m going to tell you about the Hybrid Game for Christmas shared by our partner Insolit’Prod, from Eastern France.

You play with a calendar in this Hybrid game for Christmas
Source: Instagram

In this game, you play as a team of 4. You are virtually on the 1st of December.

Every day comes a challenge, that you need to solve as a team.

You have a color attributed in this Hybrid game for Christmas

Each of you has a color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

Each of you will have information to share with others if you want to move forward.

And then at the end, you reach the (virtual) 25th of December.

But this won’t be easy: the Christmas elves are not disciplined enough. They provoked delayed in the gift factory.

With your team, you need to overcome their lack of commitment; so that Santa Claus would be ready to send presents!!

Good luck with that!

If you are interested in testing the game and using it for your own clients, feel free to contact me 🎅

Important note: We will organize a pre-launch game test for the 1st of December. We will share more information once it’s confirmed.

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