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The Doctor

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction TV program that was created in 1963. Here is one absolutely unproven idea that somebody might grab and make their own with the help of the Loquiz platform. The Doctor is only used to explain the idea.

Dr. Who is basically an extraterrestrial that travels in time and space and solves all kinds of issues. Now you might be thinking green and ugly, but he looks like a normal human being. It used to be he, now it is a she as the Doctor can change the appearance. The problems he solves range from saving a planet to saving an entire universe or universes. He or she travels in the Tardis (old English Police Box) across time and space.

For mastering the Time he is called Time Lord. Issues are not easy to solve but with some help and some luck and some wisdom and screwdriver he usually manages alright. Sometimes he travels to the past and messes up the future.

If you want to know more then check out the Wikipedia page. If that makes you intrigued, find out which Doctor Who character you are!

The idea of Doctor Who

It turns out that it might be quite easy to replicate the world of Time Lord here on Earth with the help of Loquiz. We are all kind of time travelers. The problem is we can only travel to the future in a kind of steady pace. Word of warning – it is just an idea, not tested, not even thought through. If you decide to use it you are on your own.

The Player (The Doctor) can make things happen or avoid things from happening by using three skills:

That’s it. That is the whole concept. The Player makes the circumstances to match so that certain (good) events happen and some (bad) events are prevented from happening.

He does it by combining TIME, DISTANCE & SCORE.

  1. TIME only moves forward, The Player has no control over it other than pay ATTENTION to how it progresses.
  2. DISTANCE only grows and never decreases, but The Player decides by MOVEMENT when and how much does it grow.
  3. SCORE – can go up and down. By using WISDOM The Player can grow the score or decrease it at will.


Confusing? Let us look at an example.
Let’s say you have been told that exactly 5 minutes into the game major positive event will happen (assignment on-screen, info, etc.). It is only time-bound so there is nothing for the Player to do, other than wait.
But the event only happens if by that time (5 min to 6 min) the player has moved at least 1 km. If your distance is lower the event never appears.
Let us now say that the thing that will be happening in the 5th minute will be really good, but you need to have at least 100 points and 1km distance by that time.

So here is one way to put it in Loquiz language with Creator Pro:

Here’s another

They both say exactly the same thing. If between minutes 5 and 6 the player has more than 1km traveled and more than 100 points the task 2 will open.

Clear? Ok, but what if before the 5th-minute event, there is another event before that. Let us say you know that it will happen in the window of 180-240 seconds from the game start if the distance is more than 500 meters.

In order to avoid that you might want to hold back until the time window is closed and then rush to make it for the 5th-minute event.


Now imagine there are many events like that. Every event might have a physical card showing what are the conditions for it to happen (timeframe, distance frame, and score frame). Some events you need to avoid some you want to make happen. So you need to choose and make a plan by combining the three inputs. Some will contradict so you must make the best decisions among some tough choices.

It is up to you as a game creator of what the events should be. And also if there should be some minor assignments that you can use to manipulate your score.
Wouldn’t it be cool if the game is not just about fulfilling tasks but rather making plans and executing them?

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