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Let’s go “Into Fresh Air” – A new Scavenger Hunt concept

When the Corona crisis appeared, we as the Loquiz team put an effort to “battle the corona”. Yet this situation is still not over. I want to describe more specifically why we created a new scavenger hunt concept: Into Fresh Air game. So, what it is about?

Into Fresh Air game is an outdoor game concept that you can play anywhere alone, with your family, friends, colleagues or with your dog 🙂

We noticed a need for outdoor games where task content is not depending on specific locations. And as there appeared and still are limitations with group size in one location we put effort into developing the “Odometer activation” possibility. This new feature, this whole new scavenger hunt concept got launched on the 1st of April together with the game Into Fresh Air.

How “Odometer activation” works?

Odometer activation bases on how many meters the player walks. It can be set up in the Creator Pro rules block. Opening tasks for answering, showing tasks in a list, or on map. Here it is important to know that if you do not have a Creator Pro license, you can still have and organize Into Fresh Air game. But, modification possibilities are limited.

Block Into Fresh Air, as a part of a new Scavenger Hunt concept
Example of the Odometer activation rule block

Into Fresh Air: new scavenger hunt concept

The aim of the game is to “climb up” the highest 20 mountains around the world. Naturally, it is not possible to go to all of these locations to activate tasks, but the player “will reach on top of the mountain” (get the mathematical tasks) by moving around outdoors.

Every 50 to 100 meters’ step will give the player one task. To succeed, the player needs to give correct answers for the tasks, and as fast as possible! That’s right! The faster the correct answer is given the bigger amount of points is collected. Also, the higher the player “is climbing.” After the answer, players get to know more about the mountains around the world.

World map where you can place yourself in this new Scavenger Hunt Concept

This new scavenger hunt concept is an engaging outdoor game and I want to encourage you to use it and also modifying it in a way it suits your portfolio. If you do not have the Creator Pro license you can change the task content and amount of points. You can also set up a time limit if you want. And if you are interested in getting Creator Pro license check here:

If you do have the Creator Pro license already then you can also modify the odometer activation meters, add or remove tasks and rules. Well, you are able to modify the game fully. 

A screenshot of the Creator Pro, which you can generate any other new Scavenger Hunt Concept
Rules view in the game

For more information about the game, I suggest checking this file:

And feel free to contact me if you have more questions: 

Mount Everest
Mount Everest

But now, go to have a breath of fresh air and play Into Fresh Air game 😉

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