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6 reasons why the Agent V and the Doomsday Bomb 2.0 is a perfect indoor game

Agent V and the Doomsday Bomb 2.0 is an engaging spy mystery that is a perfect indoor challenge for individual play or the entertainment of team or family get-togethers. 

What makes this game cool

1. Possible to play indoors; 

2. Competitive and entertaining; 

3. Suitable for individuals and smaller groups; 

4. Suits for 60-minute timeframe, but can be extended or shortened;  

5. Easy to explain to players and the briefing time is short; 

6. Utilizes skills of players – from creativity and communication to logic and trivia knowledge.


The game aims to crack the codes in submissions and solve the final mission of doomsday bomb disarming. The storyline of the game bases on the theme of spy and detective challenges, so the players will experience the thrilling feeling of being an agent in an important mission. 

The game is divided into 3 parts: 

  • 1 main mission
  • 7 submissions
  • assignments of submissions

When the assignments and submissions are not solved correctly, then all is not lost. The players still have the opportunity and enough info to solve the primary mission. Yet, completing all assignments and submissions correctly helps the players to reach faster to the primary mission completion. 


The original time for the game is 60 minutes, but it could be extended or shortened by adding more or removing some of the submissions.

The functionality of Loquiz enables players to skip and return the assignments when they need more time or resources to complete the challenges.

Getting the full ready-made concept to your Loquiz Creator account is easy. You can click “Create game” from the Games Market and it’s ready for play!

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