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The “Hackathon Challenge” is the solution when it comes to indoor large crowd events that demand up to 90 minutes of action. It’s a riddle and puzzle-solving contest that guarantees to keep everyone in “solving frenzy” mode until the last second! It can be played from 30 people to thousands of people and the best thing is… you don’t have to do much work as a facilitator!


Teams of extremely skilled hackers are gathering in a room for the absolute hacking showdown! The goal is to hack the code that unlocks the safe with the grand prize! 

In order to achieve that, they will have to engage all their intelligence and imagination to solve the most exciting riddles and do it better than the rest of the teams.


Hackathon is played in 2 rounds.

During the first round, teams compete on solving riddles on their special booklets. They register their answers through Loquiz and see their scores live on the main screen of the room. During this round, they try to beat the other teams by solving correctly as many riddles and puzzles as possible. Winning points and alphabetical letters that they match to special coded characters in order to translate a coded text that will boost their score!

During the second round, the best teams compete for the win while the rest of the teams use Loquiz to bet on the finalists and get a chance to win the secondary prize.


Team sizes 6-8 people
Facilitator to team ratio 1/8 teams
1 – 2 hours
Indoor games

Key benefits

Communication, competitive spirit, decision making, fun, leadership skills, motivation, problem-solving, team dynamics

The Package

The game comes full with a Sales presentation, logos, event intro video, event intro presentation, ready to print booklets and all future updates. Summit could even send you one of their guys to help you organize and run your first Hackathon event for a guaranteed result with no extra cost (you just cover travel expenses and meals).

Companies who have bought the game already

Creative Events form Ireland
Up Events from the Netherlands
Team Dynamics from Israel: “Hackathon is one of the best games we currently have”

The game template is developed and licensed by SUMMIT


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