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Event trends for 2020 (and how Loquiz helps to implement these ideas)

New year. New decade. It’s time for a fresh glimpse into your business goals and event concepts. 

With that in mind, what are the trends of 2020 in the event industry you could get inspire and benefit from? And besides this, how could the Loquiz platform support forming great event/game concepts while following these trends? 

Let’s take a look into some of the 2020s most refreshing event elevation possibilities: 

#1: Unique venue experiences

Whether it’s a conference, a company’s team building day, or a city government-supported initiative – organizers who are designing and setting up such kinds of events are willing to offer an extraordinary venue experience. That gives an extra value to the outcome and influences the customer’s satisfaction – that’s for sure. 

Nowadays, the facilities of venues are promoting thinking outside the box. From this perspective, why not add that something extra to the event concept and use the history, architecture, or the purpose of the venue to provide the visitors a fun pre-, mid-, or post-event alternative.  

To walk you through the opportunities of Loquiz: 

#2: Focus on sustainability 

Inspiring and building awareness on sustainability is not only trending, however essential for building an impact-oriented mindset. So what is a better way than to gamify acquiring new knowledge on sustainability? You can create compelling game content by combining both city, architecture, and environment-related tasks. 

To test the players’ know-how on issues of sustainability, Loquiz enables to build: 

  • City games with twists – e.g. questions on what is a sustainable city, on energy and water resources/ traffic limitation regulations used in the town; 
  • Formats to set up questions on sustainability – e.g. using augmented images and videos by the city government on their sustainable solutions.

#3: Breakout/ workshop sessions to memorize learning

One of the main goals of training, conference, or meetup is that the learnings will be retained and, besides this, implemented by the participants in their further actions. Making notes on new knowledge is, of course, something that supports the memorizing process, however, spicing the event up with a fun quiz or clue game is taking the know-how memorizing method into a new height. 

Besides this, it Loquiz platform enables to track the results, meaning that the trainer/ speaker can gather the info on how to prepare for the next events. 

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