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How to measure the game area?

Have you ever faced the question of how to make distance measurement easier between pins while preparing outdoor games?

Keeping in mind that kilometers amount won’t be too heavy for players or vice versa, the game appears to be over before the expected time.

When creating games, you can rely on the Loquiz tool, which shows TOTAL DISTANCE for outdoor games. Find out more from here:

But distance measurement between pin A to pin B won´t be always enough. The need for measuring the overall field requires other opportunities to estimate the outdoor game area adequately. Especially, when there is free choice to go to the locations of the tasks.

We can say that for 100 minutes game (100 Coins), the average game area is 0.155 km2 and the perimeter is 3.46 km. Taking this kind of marker for yourself means that in the future, it is easier to mark down the game area for a specific game.

It is always important to take into consideration that landscapes are different. More humps on the playing field require more time and energy from players to reach from A to B. Also, winter and snow can slow down the moving speed of a player.

Possible tools to use

Some options you can use are Map Developers (, Google Earth or your local land board system for measuring the game area (using square kilometers or perimeter of a game area etc).

This screenshot is taken after using Map Developers Map Tool:
Area Calculator.

Area 155215 meters2, 1670715 feet2 38.35 acres 0.060 miles2 0.155 km2
Perimeter 3464 meters, 11364 feet 2.152 miles 3.464 km

With Google Earth and most possibly with your local board system, it is possible to measure map area in the same way as with Map Developers.

With Loquiz, you can use a similar technique as with offered possibilities to measure perimeter (square meters aren´t available) of a game area. All you need to do is to mark down with first pins the main game area. Then check “Distance from first to the last point”. After this procedure, you can continue to mark down the next locations in the perimeter. 

Perimeter is marked with task numbers 1 to 29
Distance from first to last point (which is 29): 3.24 km

To find out suitable square meters or perimeter for your games, please set up the game in the most commonplace for your events and test it before you start trusting all the measuring possibilities.

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