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100 coins game

One Hundred Coins is a simple to make and a very engaging outdoor game. The idea is that teams (or individuals) move around the play area while answering questions. For each correct answer, teams get shown amount of coins.
The majority of the questions give positive coins, but some give negative.
The goal is to get exactly 100 coins.

The winning team is the one who gets closest to 100 coins in 100 minutes, without scoring more than 100.
If some teams gather the same amount of coins, then the winner is the one who has opened the most questions!

The game is cool because it is

  1. easy and quick to set up anywhere
  2. not overly complicated to play, but still fun
  3. suitable for any size groups from 10 to several hundreds of participants
  4. helping to manage the group with time limit and finish location

Why would you want to implement 100 in your event company?
100 might be your „swiss army knife” that helps to ensure that you can cater to any size group anywhere, and with very short notice.
Suitable for summer days, out-of-office events, team-work sessions, or even for birthdays and special themed occasions.

The game is easy to modify, so it is very suitable for corporations wanting to add their own content to the game and/or needing the game in a special location.
Your instructors will love it for the simplicity!

What you will get with the game concept package?

  1. Ready-made complete game “100” on your private Loquiz PRO Account
  2. Whitepaper explaining how to build and run the game 100. Includes sales pitch text for your customers and printable game instructions for the facilitator
  3. Sales presentation template to introduce the game to your clients
  4. Photo and video bank for marketing
  5. Personal Skype session to get started with the game concept

Get a demo and implement 100 coins game in your event company!
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