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Professional or unprofessional?

We claim that Loquiz is intended for event professionals. What makes it so good for “professionals” and why are we not promoting it for a single use? Here are five reasons you might want to consider when signing up for Loquiz.

1. Your usage pattern. You will get maximum benefit from Loquiz if you use it over the longer time period in many games. Active users use the Loquiz daily. Average users two-three times a week. If you find yourself needing gamification platform less than once a month, you should probably consider outsourcing the service.

2. The reason Loquiz works so well for longer term intensive use is the way it is set up. With every new idea, a client and location you are growing your personal database of location specific information that will allow to create future games very fast and usually without visiting. Loquiz has premade game templates and public task library to get you off at a good start, but the real benefit comes from your own location tied information.

3. Loquiz works for the long term use because of the way Loquiz support is set up. We offer very strong support, especially to get you off to a good start. When you come on board we do full product intro over skype for you and for your team, you will create your first games and test those out with Loquiz testing features. We recommend that you bring your entire team to the first skype sessions, even if they will not be directly involved in Loquiz, because you will have more flexibility and expertise within your team this way. We do that to ensure that you are able to run top quality stuff right from the beginning. The effort to get you onto a good start will be considerable for us and for you, so it is beneficial only if the relation is long term.

4. Loquiz is very much about augmenting the offline methods. While Loquiz is used to build “mobile-only” games, its capabilities are really about combining offline and online. Depending on the location and your concept, it will be very unique game experience, ultimately created by you. So in the long term you will have your own ways of connecting offline to online and bringing your own game ideas to life. This will happen for you after some use of Loquiz. Global user get-togethers are great place to discuss, develop, share and even sell these kinds of advanced concepts to other users.

5. The user community. While Loquiz software is online, we have the user community also offline. We invite users to meet up
physically in different parts of the world and share the stuff they are doing. We give in-depth insight into Loquiz, but the meetup has much wider scope than Loquiz platform. It is about sharing and discussing your business in non-competitive setting with the people of similar background. You will find it useful if you have some experience in Loquiz so you can implement the ideas you get from the meetup.

So while Loquiz could potentially be used for ad hoc events, you will get much more out of that if you use it repetitively.

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