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2019 Event Trends That Will Shape the Events Industry​

This year is a big year for the events industry. In a survey of marketers, 93% of respondents agreed customers are looking to purchase experiences over products. Events are more popular than ever before, and more businesses and professional groups are seeking ways to incorporate these newfound activities into their goals.

It comes as no surprise that experiences are big business. Thanks to social media, people are looking for new ways to share their experiences and activities with their social media followers. Events are focused around “social media appeal,” and this is driving the entire industry forward.

While we’re still seeing a need for traditional events like keynote speakers and presentations, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more room for fun and excitement than in years past. Here are the 2019 event trends that are shaping our industry from the inside out.

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Simplified Events

The days of flashy, over the top presentations and events are now in the past. Event professionals are hoping to turn back to the basics. Why have complicated and sometimes confusing events when you could choose something that’s easier to plan, runs smoothly, and still impresses customers or clients?

Organizers and finding new ways to appeal to their guests without going too over the top. You don’t need flashy tech and larger-than-life budget to make an impact. It’s the simple things that speak the loudest at the end of the day.

Social Media Experiences

We live in the age of Instagram. People, particularly younger generations, are more interested in sharing experiences than they’ve ever been in years past. As we said before, there is still a need for those “traditional” events like professional speakers and conventions, but now event professionals are using new ways to speak to younger crowds.

From interactive games to photo opportunities, these small changes are making a big splash on social media. Over 500 million users are on Instagram every day. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder our events are becoming so social media focused.

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Sustainable Events

Events aren’t always the greenest functions. There is a lot of waste that goes into making sure large groups of people are comfortable. Luckily, it’s possible to make small changes that go a long way towards making your event more environmentally friendly.

Things like using digital products instead of printed products, doing away with single-use plastic, and more are encouraging event professionals to make smarter choices. Learn more here about keeping track of everything from project needs to hours worked.

Local Excitement

Going back to our love for experiences over things, people love getting to know a new place. The term “local flavor” is making a comeback in a big way. People want to learn more about the places they’re visiting, whether they’re there for a team building experience of a speaking engagement.

Adding unique local touches to your event will make your event stand out. What does your local area have that’s unique? How can you wow your guests with something that’s uniquely your city? Include things like guided tours, nights out, local food vendors, and activities built into the city itself.


Finally, we live in an age of data and customization. What is customization? It’s when your event guests have a say in their own experience. Once again, it all comes back to experience. Allowing different event paths so participants can choose their favorite activities rather than having to stick with one set of things is an easy way to do just that.

In addition, including more interactive things like digital displays, social media stops, and fun activities will make your event more unique and personal. In 2019, we expect many events to have their own app so users can customize their experience even further.

As you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to in the event space this year. From social media to sustainability, 2019 has a lot in store. How will you adjust your events to fit these new changes?

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