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What are the key trends of gamification at the events worldwide?

Recently, I had a privilege to meet event professionals from 11 different countries. Despite different cultures and markets, there currently are many interesting similarities, on what it is considered important in the event industry , to run successful games at corporate events.

Without any particular importance, below there are some of the thoughts that reflect current trends in game creation and organizing at the corporate events.

+Eventprofs have a demanding role to fill and adapt to constant changes and unpredictabilities. As one of the adventure organizers admitted- you have to be flexible for not breaking. So, if eventtech gives freedom to make changes flexibly and safely, it will be highly appreciated.

+The eventprofs are constantly looking for unique proposals they could offer to clients. Activites and emotions sell.

+Games liberate. A game situation gives permission to be free and as much kid as you like. In some games it can mean opening up your attitude towards CEO, in others the room to dance, joke, laugh and encounter strangers. In some sectors you don’t have to room in everyday corporate life to allow that. The scale of fun varies from making a selfie with a silly face up to LARP games where you roam around like a Zombie, covered with face-paint.

+Specializing in building, not just scavenger hunts, but top quality games pays off. Event companies become experts in the game and provide unseen game mechanics. The ones who do their specialized game products, become a go to the source for DMCs, other event companies, holiday resorts and hotel group sales. This is the aspect where scalable sale opportunities lay. This way one-man companies are organizing handful of games in one day, not to mention bigger companies whose portfolio has skyrocketed with games.

+Activities that engage a full team discussing together are favourable. Especially, if the game gives room for people to pick a role that matches them. Some games fulfill this aim better than another. The content of the tasks, questions, puzzles and riddles, as well game mechanics plays a part. Building a game that sets up challenges for a team to think out their strategy or pick an approach through discussion works the best. Games that have multiple levels or story branches where each team picks their own way to win or succeed in the game rock even more.

+Mini tasks with simple props bring out the emotion. Huge tasks with fancy props get people pumped up. The driving force in games and activities is emotion. A minute to win it or rocket construction. A piece of a rope and an inflatable castle are props- the emotion and meaningfulness are the aspects which make it fun.

+Outdoor city Escape games are the trend for next years. It needs a good content writing skills to bring the story together.

+Games with a cause. Save the world, reduce plastic, educate, show, give alternatives and challenge to think about behaviour. Having games which are connected or fully for a good cause or a charity in your event activities portfolio, gives corporate clients the chance to pick an activity with a different angle. Concerned that plogging is already a hit, why not gamify it?

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