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Players` route depending on answers

One of the frequently asked questions is whether it is possible to make players move physically into different locations depending on their answers. You can set the game up that the players move into different locations in several ways.

A) With a strategy game.  Each answer you offer gives one point and scores are ignored. So if you answer wrong multiple times at a spot, you will gather more points. A winner is the team with less points. A goal is to get to finish as fast as possible

For example, at questions 1, 3 and 9 you have to answer correctly and you will be stuck to the location if you answer wrong.
2 will take you to 3 if you answer wrong but to 4 if you answer correctly. And yes, 7 will take you back to the question 6 if you answer wrong!

B) With scavenger type of games. You can make locations appear in sequences after answering a question. And as a workaround, the players` choice is to go to a location depending on the answer the player chooses. Location pins can have A, B, C displayed on them.

For example: Questions in this game are “no answer” type.
First, the start question text would be.
“Who is a spationaut? Take notes and go to an according location on the map you think is a right answer! You cannot come back here once you have closed this question.
A) a space organizer at events
B) a French space traveler
C) a person who gathers fee for seating

After closing this, three locations (questions 2, 3, and 4) open up on the map for the player.
You can change question Intros to A, B and C. Also choose on, the next game’s configure page to show intros on the pins. (Or you can use custom icons.)
When the player goes to a wrong location (A or C), no answer type of question opens up “Oh no… wrong answer…. Try B or C”.  Also, it could be any type of question- just it gives 0 points or less points than the correct location 🙂

In the correct location- B and 3. question in the game. It announces the success. It might even be a photo or a video question to reward the team.

Next, the correct location (3) brings on the map the 5th question and the second quest. In this example, the second quest is about colors and answer options are on the map indicated with according custom pins.

You have to be sure that locations are accessible in a real life- otherwise it breaks the game as you are activating the next location depending fully visiting one location. So test thoroughly!

This concept is cool because the “punishment” for choosing the wrong answer option is moving more (and of course spending more precious game time).

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