New feature – Chat between players

Now you have  an option to use chat during the games to add excitement and announce extra info.The chat functionality allows for all teams to send text messages to all teams and one by one to a specific team at the event.

Activating chat functionality

For  activating  chat functionality when you are making a game, see the Configure page of the game and tick “Allow chatting”. Now all the events running this game will have the chat functionality activated for the players.

Chat functionality relies on the internet connection in smart devices during the game. Your messages are delivered live if internet connection is present.

An instructor has two options to join  the chat.

a) start the game normally on the app and join as a team with the name which players will recognize, like “an instructor Aino”.
You don’t spend teams
from your balance by entering the team name, you have to answer questions to make it happen.

b) use your web browser and log in to Go to the  Results page of this specific event and send messages there. When you are logged in to PRO, you can also moderate the chat and delete messages if needed. Chat messages are publicly visible under results link when you show or share that later on. To hide Chat from the results page,  open the specific event, results tab and uncheck the chat.

Using chat while playing.

Following is the info  players should know.

To send a chat to all teams in the app, click the chat bubble, type in a message and click send. All teams will receive the message.A small bubble informs players about the incoming chat message.The  message appears also to the results page of  the Chat  .

To send a message to one specific team, type in @teamname: your message. This will send the message only to the defined team .A shortcut to do that is to click on the  team name, which is already participating in the chat and type in the message.

Remember that while your private messages do not show on other teams devices, they will be visible in the results page after the game. So, they are kind of private, but not really private at the end of the day.


There are couple of cool game ideas that incorporate chat and we will be discussing these in the upcoming blog posts. Meanwhile, we hope you have interesting dialogues with your players : )

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