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Creating good questions for the games III – tuning up corporate info and „boring“ facts

In previous articles we discussed how to create good questions about a location and what types of team tasks add engagement between people. This time the topic  is how to represent facts about the company in a fun and creative way.

Let’s be honest- nobody wants to go through boring corporate facts and numbers. And people have a short attention span.The game itself is not just a fun experience but also if constructed properly, a micro-learning tool. In a good game information bits served in appropriate settings and context are remembered and discussed. You as a game maker have to discipline yourself to include the most important part of the info you want to deliver.

When making a game,you often need to include facts about the company, an agenda of the event or workshop learnings. Something that later on while looking at the results and answers people have given, will be an important indicator of the success in delivering the  needed content.

While facts being the  most important, they are also the most difficult to compose questions about.  Below are some thoughts how to make players think along and pay attention.

  • Make them calculate the answer

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Adding and multiplying something will do the trick. Even cooler, if you use something that encourages participants to learn about other people and interact in a real life.


How much  the growth in % in sales is expecting for the next year, if compared to 2016?

  1. a) Sales revenue of 2016 / 1000
  2. b) 5%
  3. c) Sales manager Jane’s cabinet number – 121
  4. d) Number of goldfish accountant Jim has – 1
  • Black sheep

It means you add something that is not actually included in the true facts set . “Odd one” can be even strikingly different or absurd to add fun.
Which of the following topics is NOT in any of today’s presentations?

a) Innovations in analytic tools

b) How to measure ROI from social media?

c) Effective catering management apps

d) Elephant training basics

  • Anagrams
    These are letters of a word scrambled up into a new word, preferably in meaningful way. There are online anagram generators to compose one.
    What does the anagram “Coma Rap Zing” stand for? Hint: one of our key speakers works there.
  • Images
    Humans are visual beings, when you can show people a diagram or an illustrating image then do it. Presenting info in the form of an image stresses its importance.
    Example:Look at the image of our SWOT analysis discussed today.
    What important point is missing from there?

READ ON Part 4 – trivia questions and puzzles

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