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Autumn housecleaning for smart devices – updating system software

It is always an good idea to update Loquiz app on your devices before the event. Also it is important to keep devices system software up to date to keep it operating perfectly. So before the autumn season kicks in we recommend you to do some housecleaning on the devices.

Here is what to do monthly on Android:

  1. System update
    go to Settings -> About Tablet -> System Update.  If the system update is available install it.

Then check again, in some cases there might be 3-4 updates in a row. Do it until you get the message that your device’s software is up to date.

  1. Google apps and services updates
    It is a must to keep Google Services up to date, but also Google Maps and other native apps that are using services.

Open Play store, click the “three stripes” and choos My apps, there you can see all the apps that need to be updated. It is worth updating them.  Your Loquiz application will be updated in the process as well.

  1. Check that your settings are the way you want them. Usually
    * Location – high accuracy, GPS turned on always.
    * Screen – timeout long or never and brightness to the max for daylight view

If there are special power management features check that they do not switch off GPS on the device.

  1. Check that stuff still works.
    You might need to do a restart to the device of soft reset after the update if things are not working as expected.


There is comprehensive checklist what you can do if GPS  is acting strange.



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