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Happy Birthday! Create birthday game that is easy to run efficiently

I bet your birthday is less than a year away. If your birthday is not less than a year from now then Happy Birthday to You! Unless you were born on 29th of February. It is pretty common to use Loquiz for birthdays. Putting in facts about the person and places important to her gives really cool game. The thing is that all of those games are highly personal. It is hard to build these games for business.

I will share some ways how you can make birthday games profitable for you and cost efficient for clients. So here are X ways to make highly customized birthday game quickly

1. Prepare some general Birthday specific questions to be used in these occasions
Anything connected to birthday traditions in your country/area works. So create some of those if you know. Ask your grandmother for advice if you do not know.

2. Use collaboration feature
Just create a collaborator, tag them with the Name and let whoever is handling the creation of the game enter their own questions themselves. They can even set locations to the questions so questions are in the right place.

PRO Tip! They can even change the questions later when the game is ready they will be changed in the game as long as the game has not started.

3. Create a template game
Create a template game that you can clone or just change if needed. If you are not running several birthday games at the same time it is perfecly ok to have one game for birthdays and just change it every time. Do not forget to create new event every time though!

4. Check out the Question library
There are some cool questions in Question Library already created by us. They are tagged Birthday. Filter them out and use in your games for free.

birthday game

5. Use loads of photo tasks
Photo tasks like – “What does the birthday kids dream vacation look like?” work universally well in all the settings.

Following is a fun way of preparing a cool game with minimal effort.

  1.  Create 30 questions in style of: Red or Blue; or Birthday kids favourite number; or what animal would you be? etc. So asking for opinions rather than correct answers.
  2. Create a game (game type quiz) and event.
  3. Send the event code to the Birthday Kid and ask her to answer all the questions as she sees them.
  4. You can now see all her answers from the results pages. Open the game for editing and modify all the questions so all the answers Birthday kid gave are correct.
  5.  Now change the game type to Rogain and assign the locations.
  6. When quests play they then need to figure out what the Birthday kid would have answered. The team that gets biggest score knows her best!

PRO tip!
For the next event make the new event, change the game type back to the quiz and send the event code to the new Birthday Kid. Then change the same questions to reflect new status. You only need to clone the game or questions when you are running several Birthday games at the same time.
Additional PRO tip!
Do not put too many location specific stuff into the game. If the weather is bad you can just change the game type to quiz and run the game indoors!

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