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Open Question Now- how to use the feature

strategy game outdoor

Open question now is a cool feature in the Strategy game type. In some situations, it enables you to avoid getting extra points and thereby becoming the winner of the game. In this blog post, is an example of how a player can take advantage of this feature.

You can read in detail about the strategy game type here but in short- the goal is to get to the finish in as few steps as possible. (And visiting as few locations and answering questions there as possible) Each step gives one point and the winner is the team who gathers the least points. Depending on your answer, you move forward or backward. A correct answer (green) usually takes you forward and wrong (red) back but it can vary depending on the strategy that the game builder has composed.

Open question now is a cool feature that enables you to open a question without moving outdoor to the location. A player can open the next question without going there by using this feature. It is available from the game menu.


But one extra point is added to the total score for every question opened without going there. So using open question makes sense if the location is a) inaccessible or b) it advances teams strategy.

Open question now becomes very important when game time starts to run out.
In case a team does not make it to the finish in game time, one penalty point is added for each field they are away from the finish.


Here is an example. Lets say there is only 2 minutes left until the game’s end, but a team is at 29. There is no way they can move that fast on the landscape and answer all questions to finish. But, they are near the finish location and can be there in time.

strategy game

If they let the time run out, they get 34-29= 5 extra points to total score.
But, if they are smart, they will go to the finish and use the Open question now  feature.

They open question 29 > 30 and they get 1 point + 1 extra point for open question now, all together 2 points.

If they answer correctly in 30>Finish , they get 1 point + 1 extra point for open question now, all together 2 points.

So they get total 4 points by using open question now and finish in time.

This is one way how the open question now enables playing strategically -a winner is not the one who runs fastest but whose mind runs fastest.

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