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How to protect i-pads or tablets and make them weatherproof?

Protecting tablets from the weather and harsh usage is question to consider when conducting events and outdoor team-building games. It should be all about having fun not worrying that smart device could get few bumps in the way.

While people play games created with Loquiz they move actively outdoors. In cooperation with our clients we have been testing many protective cases and bags on the market.


  1. There are several weather and waterproof cases for individual tablet models. Gumdrop and Griffin cases are really good but there are some problems. For example there is no way of attaching neck cords to the cases for carrying tablets around. They are also not watertight enough in case it rains. When buying one for your tablet model, check if it just makes the device robust, or does it also give some protection against the weather.
  2. Protective weatherproof bag that fits  many tablet models. One that meets the functions needed for outdoor adventure  was hard to find. So we developed and tested our own bag concept in cooperation with our clients like Adventure company 360 , Sisters and Eži. Result is simple weatherproof bag with neck straps. Idea came from us and the implementation from one hiking gear sewing company.

Bags we developed close with velcro. There is padding on the back to protect the device. Padding extends over the edges of the tablet to protect the edges. Front of the bag is plastic what enables touchscreen usage. Sensitivity may be little bit weaker but feels almost like without bag. Bags don’t interfere with compass or GPS and are lightweight.

Bags have been heavily used for a year and we have found that they give good protection, especially when it is raining. Although they are weatherproof they are not submersible. If it is raining cats and dogs an extra grip bag is used for additional protection.

i-pad weatherproof bag


If you use multiple question types for game players should be able to take creative photos with their team. So bags have holes for backside camera. It supports iPads that have camera in the corner as well as several Android cameras that usually have cameras in the middle. Hole is covered with plastic, so it is still weatherproof. It should  basically take all the tablets that have close to 10 inch screens.

A couple of points we have learned.

+ You just need to avoid getting condensation within the bags.Close the cases in a dry environment (not outside in the rain). Remove the devices from the bags and keep bags open while not in use. Do not allow players to take out the devices from bag while playing.

+ All in all the solution is probably more weatherproof than a pen, paper and gps approach to adventures.

Bags are available from us as a part of Loquiz game building platform for event professionals.


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