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Distance measurements

Have you ever wondered how how many kilometers people are going to walk in the game I just made?

When making outdoor games this is one of the most important questions you might have.

When creating games in cities, the issue of game distance is not very prominent. Especially if you know the city you kind of have the feeling of the distances with streets. It is totally another story when creating games in countryside.  You might not know the surroundings, there might not be any roads. Map scale is hard to follow and is not really a good measure for distance.

To overcome this Loquiz now shows TOTAL DISTANCE for outdoor games. It measures direct distance starting from 1st point all the way to the last. You will find it on the map on “triggers” page.


It always goes like 1->2->3->4. The figure depends on where the locations are and in what order they are. While it won’t show you the exact distance players will travel, it will give you the feeling of how long the game will be. I just checked some of the 90 minutes freeflow games with locations in random order and they showed around 13 km total distance. Teams will actually travel around 4-5km, as they make optimal decisions when choosing points.

Measurements in strategy games

Strategy games are the most popular game type for heavy users. And there the Distance measurement is more valid. The only problem is that people will leave some locations out while they progress through the strategy (see the strategy game explanation in HELP).

There is one more cool feature that might go overlooked. When developing a strategy you now see how far people actually need to travel to get to their next location. See the screenshot below.


So you see that from point 3 if players answers correctly they get to point number 5, and incorrect to point number 6 (yes it is kind of wicked strategy there- better to answer incorrectly).  In the screenshot I am actually dragging the red line, so the marker shows distance between those two points.  In this case you advance three steps and need to walk 240 meters to get there.

I have checked some actual games and it seems that distances between individual points are anywhere from 50 to 100 meters. When player progresses more you walk more.


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