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In the dark winter night

ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies wanted to run an event to improve communication within the company and make them work as a team, the method to achieve that was to use Loquiz.

Loquiz was used with team building coach  Raimo Ülavere  as a part of training at Sokka Holiday Resort in South Estonia. It was a winter game, so this was an additional factor.

Course of the game

A total of 100 participants played and online results were displayed on the big screen for everyone to see, this added excitement to the competition, when teams started reaching finish and could see their results straight away.

This time, the game was played in the dark as the participants were given headlamps to make the game more enjoyable and safe for them. This is where Loquiz beats any kind of treasure hunt or quiz that requires a pen and paper to play as the screen of the tablet computer creates extra light in the dark, therefore making it much more enjoyable and easier to play.

Barbara Lettens,  the instructor running the game described the experience: “This game had it all, a record number of participants, results board at the finish line and all light up by headlights at night!

Winter battery life

A possible issue during winter could be that the tablet battery life is shorter due to the cold. Loquiz has thought about this and created a system that allows for the continuation of the game on any other device if something should happen to the primary tablet.


Barbara’s emotions after the game were super: “The people enjoyed it, there were no setbacks for instructors, and the whole team worked together brilliantly. I was happy to be a part of this event!



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