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This game was created to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Estonian independence on 24th February 2013 at the Estonian Open Air Museum in Tallinn.   The clients were from Fortum CFS .

This time, the main purpose of Loquiz was to give the participants the chance to learn a thing or two about the history of Estonia and the process of gaining the independence.

Why Loquiz?

Fortum CFS planned to have a patriotic day at the Open Air Museum in Tallinn to celebrate the anniversary of Estonian independence within their own company. The whole day was full of different activities that were closely connected to Estonia and the history of the country. Fortum addressed the 360 Degrees adventure company at first just to get them to organise a game during the day. 360 introduced Fortum the possibility to connect Loquiz with the theme of the day and use custom questions to create a patriotic game.

Why was it special?

All the questions in this game were about Estonia and her history, culture, nature, geography. Location based questions were also included in the game as instructor Egle went to the Open Air Museum beforehand to mark the locations and take pictures to use in the game.

Professional opinion

Egle was the instructor of 360 Degrees Adventure Company who prepared the game and later carried it out. Egle thought Loquiz was the perfect choice for this client and this sort of day as it gave the organisers a perfect opportunity to give this game the patriotic feel by easily preparing a big amount of questions, picking the best ones for the game and later to carry the game out at the Open Air Museum where the people pretty much walk through a period of the Estonian history.


The clients Fortum CFS had cooperated with 360 Degrees Adventure Company numerous times before this game of Loquiz and according to them, this was not the last time either. Those long-lasting partnerships with clients are very useful for a company as it gives them the chance to present new games to the regular clients and get their honest feedback and comparison with other games the same clients have played. Altogether, Fortum were happy with the event and liked the way this game fitted in with the theme of their day.

There was an opinion that some questions were difficult for younger people as the game walked the players through the Estonian history. Therefore, some of the older people in groups had a personal connection with the events when at the same time, the younger ones did not. This is where the team factor comes in and the ones who know more, can help those out who do know know a lot about some specific questions.



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