What makes tablet computers so good?

In my last post, I wrote about the popularity of tablet computers on the world market and how they are expected to out-ship laptops by the end of 2013.
Today, I am going to talk about what makes tablet computers so popular and what are their advantages.

According to a recent survey, 7% of iPad owners bought theirs as a replacement for laptops, rising to 11% with Galaxy owners. All in all, a noteworthy 16% of those intending to buy tablets were planning on doing so at the expense of laptops. This is a big mindset change, compared to a few years ago when tablet computers were just the luxury of the rich and not quite seen as a proper replacement for a laptop.

The first big advantage of a tablet computer is its portability. Tablets are usually smaller than laptops so they take up much less space. A tablet computer is a perfect solution for a person who is constantly on the road. Also, there is no need to wait for your tablet to start up if you have to check something quickly, it’s already turned on, just like a smartphone.  Tablets work for both, business and entertainment purposes.

The second advantage is productivity. Of course tablets are not the ideal devices for typing up long text documents; however, they provide the perfect on-the-go device for education or business, allowing you to read documents, make small edits and send emails, not mentioning the huge range of productivity apps that have been produced, from budgeting to calendars and conference calling.

A powerful battery life is without a doubt one of the main advantages of tablet devices. The battery of a laptop typically lasts from three to four hours when not plugged to a power source, while a tablet can easily work for up to 10 hours. New tablet releases constantly improve on battery life.

Affordability.  The lightest laptop on the market can cost up to 1500€, the price of an iPad usually stays under 800€. The functionality of tablet computers is constantly increasing and it leaves us figuring, how much longer are people willing to pay almost double the cost of a tablet, to get a laptop almost as light as a tablet computer.

Considering the portability and connectivity these gadgets allow, their huge success is no surprise. With such an extensive range of services and support available for tablet users, it is fairly simple to take advantage of all the functions these devices have to offer.

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