The best qualities of Loquiz

Loquiz is often confused with  some other quiz or treasure hunt games available on the market.  I thought I would clear this up and explain in this blog post, why is Loquiz different from other similar games and what is our biggest advantage compared to others that seemingly serve the same purpose.

I will concentrate only on the biggest and perhaps most important difference in this blog post – the location and the time spent on creating the games.
We are fully aware that many other companies offer treasure hunts, GPS adventures, there are smartphone apps out there that can also ask questions from you but most of them do not have what we have – flexibility!
One of the biggest advantages of Loquiz is that you can create a game at any point in the world you could possibly think of.
Do you want to get to know Madrid, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, New York City? Nothing is easier than that…log in, choose any place on the world map, mark the locations of the questions with the pins, add the questions yourself or use the ones in the database, set the strategy, create a ticket and you are done!  You could step outside the very next minute and play the game you have just created, you could challenge your friends or colleagues, give this to your clients…there are no limits!

And there’s more than just that! The event organisers know how long it takes to prepare a treasure hunt or a game to any location. We can honestly say that Loquiz has made it as easy and quick as it can get.  Creating a game anywhere in the world using the existing questions in the database, takes a maximum of 15 minutes of your valuable time!  Now compare this with the hours you would spend preparing another game. It most certainly saves a lot of time and money for the organiser and the clients won’t be disappointed. The outcome is better than you could imagine.
Hundreds of Loquiz games have been played since the app was first created and none of the teams have been disappointed with what they had. Sure, we have had some technical bugs along the way but the app has been renewed and updated many times, taking the probability of something going wrong and ruining the experience near zero!
After every single game in Estonia, the game instructor contacts our office straight away and gives feedback on what worked perfectly and what could be changed, the person in the office then makes notes about it, fixes the minor problems himself or if there is a bigger issue, forwards it to the software developer who will then make all the necessary changes. There is always room for development and this is what we always keep in mind.
This is also what we encourage our clients abroad to do, give feedback on the games played so that we could guarantee the best possible Loquiz experience for everyone!

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