These are some common questions about running games

I entered event username but the TEST option is missing!

You can only test games when you have logged in with your PRO username or special instructor username (instructor is a user that has no rights in Loquiz PRO but can start and test all open events, so it is for instructors). Logging in with event username only allows to start a game or resume a game.  So that even if you are distributing this username to players they can not run the game in test mode.

I can not install (or even see ) the application in store?

Not all the devices are supported by Loquiz. Make sure your device has at least Android 3.4+ or iOS 8+ to install Loquiz. Make sure you have internet connection when trying to install.

Can not enter team name and start the game

Make sure  you have teams on your account, you have not set limit for the teams for the specific event, and that your device has internet connection.

I am at right location but question does not open

Make sure you have started the game- pressed “Start” after reading welcome text and entered team name.

This can also happen when there is poor GPS coverage. If location accuracy is worse than 100meters then Loquiz will not activate questions. GPS does not work well in narrow streets and does not work indoors. Move to a open place to regain the GPS signal.  You are outdoors, are you?

Also check that your phone cover or case does not have magnets inside. Magnets will make the compass inside the device go wild and this makes orienteering very difficult.

Player closed the game accidentally. What now?

Just start Loquiz app again and choose continue last game. Your game continues where you left off.

Battery died on one device. What now?

Player can resume to the game on an another device (only possible if the data connection during the game was good and results are in the server).

  • Just grab a new device, log in with your email, press … , and choose Resume.
    In case players are using their own devices they can to log in with event specific username and password and also choose Resume.
  • Choose correct team name and you can continue from the last saved position.

    Important- Playing with same team on multiple devices simultaneously will screw up the game and results!

Teams are playing but results do not get updated

The team is probably missing internet connection.  The game will work, apart of photos, videos and results.   In  some cases teams play the entire game without realizing internet connection is missing. If this happens make sure to create the internet connection for the device at the end (wifi works fine) and press the button to reupload the results. This will update the results table. If you are unable to get internet back on, use the results table in the device to see results for this team.

Loquiz does not show my location?

In case of outdoor game, make sure you are outside and using a smart device that has GPS. Read more about suitable devices.

If the location works in Map application and not in Loquiz then it might be the problem with Application rights. Check that Loquiz has the right to use location and camera.

How do I close the application?

iOS: Click the Home button twice and swipe app off screen

Android: Press back button and choose Yes to exit game.