What device to invest in?

September 19, 2012 - 1 minute read

I recently got a question about what device we would recommend to Event Companies in case they are planning to use our products.

There is a wide variety of choice available.

But to cut the long story short, all the Android tablets from major producers that have 720p screen should work fine. 1080P screens are not heavily tested, but are supported. The app is simple enough so the processing power or memory of any decent device will not be a factor.

All versions of iPads are supported. We have actually recently learned (october 2012) that iPad compass-GPS combo is superior to Android. So for a really smooth experience you might want to opt for iPads.

We use GPS sensors – luckily 99% of the devices have it.

Equally as important as the device is a case (check gumdrop.com for example). For some devices really good cases are available, for some not so good. You can also use bags, that many different models fit into.

What’s being used?

The majority of the devices we know about are actually Samsung Tab 10.1-s. Recently iPads are a growing trend.

What is not supported at the moment?

We have no support in our short term plans for Windows devices (there is not much info still about those).

We do not recommend getting cheap devices running Android,that really do not work reliably.

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