Building distractions into the game

May 12, 2012 - 2 minutes read

On Monday I helped NJ Production people to prepare for a Loquiz game in Vaasa, Finland. NJ Production is a company that does mainly big-scale events for high-profile clients, so extra care was needed.


I’ve never been in Vaasa before and I can tell you it is a beautiful city. Lot of bikers, lot of all kinds of scools and beautiful shoreline. Impressive amount of statues as well. I had a guided tour with a probably the best guide in Finland 😉 All in the name of creating a fun game!

The point

I am writing about all this because there was a specific question about specific feature. Can we make people to go into the restaurant and ask for a free beer in the game?

Well you could. Insert a location just in front of the restaurant. Phrase the question as advice.

 „Look around. There is a restaurant nearby.
If you feel like it just go in and ask for a free drink.
Password is SIMSALABIM.
Remember! Time is running “


No answering options. You just press ok when ready. You can only answer this one correct 🙂  But wait, there is more. You could force people to go in. Just phrase your question in a more adventurous way.

 “Look around. There is a restaurant nearby.
To know the answer you need to ask the clue from bartender.
And while you are there ask for a free drinks as well.”

 Answer options

1. Lake
2. Mountain
3. …. or whatever


 So obviously you need to inform and agree with those guys beforehand, but this should be no problem as you are clearly bringing business there.

Just be aware of the possibility that players might stay in the restaurant for longer time period. 🙂

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