When you start to create a new game you have two options 

  • Use one of your own templates
  • Create something out from the scratch from rogain, quiz, clue, scavenger or match

Create your own templates

you can create your own templates out from your games. 

you are able to set up the game much faster starting with a template. It allows you to have your portfolio of game products ready for action.

To make a template, open a game and click  “Make template”:

On Template’s configure page in addition to regular game settings you can write Template settings: About template. This should include info about the game location (if it has a location), content, special precautions, Notes for the instructor. This includes how to brief and run the game, perhaps a link to the additional props checklist.

It is possible to save a template midway when it is half-built. Also, you can save a template without assigning location pins on the map! So when you use a template to set up the game to a new location you don’t have to spend time on deleting or changing locations.

Creating games from templates

To create a game out from a template, just click the template name and “Create game”.

When you later change the template, changes will not affect already created games, only the ones you will create after making changes.
Then you need to use a certain set of questions in another game type sort out questions used in a certain game, then tick them and batch edit them with a certain tag to find later while creating a new game.

More information about templates click here

Games Market

Use these ready-made games as your game templates. According to your event, you can make small adoptions or no changes in the games. There are two different options to open the game templates – by creating a game of the unlocked template for free (with a green icon) or contact the template seller to purchase the template (with a purple icon).

More information about Games Market click here