Clue game enables you to build games that are based on the list of tasks.  You can create in- and outdoor games, although the map is not shown to the players. Players can open tasks by choosing them from the list, entering the keycode or going to a specific location. Players decide on what order tasks will open.

How does the Clue game work?

Players see the list of all tasks and also their scores. It is possible to make tasks open with:

+Just clicking – general task opens directly when players click on it. Once the task is opened, players need to answer it.

+Entering a secret code (number or text) If codes are added to the task then when players click on the task, dialogue asking for the code pops up. In case the correct code is entered, task opens. If the code is not correct player can try again unlimited times. Code dialogue can be closed and players can try to open this task later. To add code to the task, then while editing the game, go to “Codes” page and insert the codes to “Solution” text box near the right task.

+By going to the right location Location-specific task has a location attached to it. Task opens when players go outdoors in a specific place. Task’s intro text should be used to guide players to the right place as the map is not shown to the players.

+Scanning QR or EAN code. 

+Entering into the range of a beacon.

Once a task is answered, it disappears from the clue game list.

Every correct answer to the tasks gives points.

What exactly is shown on the task list?

In Clue game players see the tasks’ list but you can choose what text is displayed there instead of task’s text.

  1. Tasks’ text is shown if nothing else (intro, navigation clue) is not set.
  2. Intro text is shown instead of the task text if the intro is set for the task. You can change the task’s intro text when you open the task and go to “Comments and clues” -> “Intro”.
  3. Navigation clue (if set) is shown instead of intro text and task text. Use navigation clue to overwrite task’s text and intro. To add navigation clue to the task, go to edit clue game,  then “Codes” page and after the right task, insert navigation clue.

NB 1! If the code is entered, then this task can only be opened by inserting the correct code. If the code is not added to the task, then this task can be opened straight away.

NB 2! For location-specific tasks, you can not enter the code nor navigation clue. Use intro in a task instead to share information on where to go.

Upload an image to be used as a background for all the tasks within a game. This will allow the game creator to create a themed background to the game.

Modify the appearance

Upload an image to be used as a background for all the tasks and clue list within a game. This will allow the game creator to create a themed background to the game.

The screen will be filled with the image, so that part of the image will not be visible if the ratio does not correspond to the screen size. Maximum size for the background image is 10mb. The image will be resized in the server to the size of 1200 px for the longer side.

How to create a game?

1. Add tasks (and put in the right order).

2. On “Codes” screen, define codes and/or add navigation clues (optional).

3. Modify game’s settings (game name, welcome text, finish text, time limit, language, overwrite task timers if needed, decide how incorrect answers behave and limit hints).

Finish off with creating an event and you are done.

Game end

Game ends when all the tasks are answered or game time runs out.

Sample intro text

This is just a sample. Make your own depending on what exactly you want to achieve!

Welcome to our hotel adventure!

Your goal is to get the highest score.

In the tasks’ list, you see the number of points every correct answer gives you. If you answer incorrectly same amount of points is taken away from you **(or alternatively you can choose to create a game where zero points are given for the incorrect answer). Some tasks can be opened directly. Once the task is open you have to answer it though. Some tasks need a code to open. You might need to go to a specific place or talk to people to get the keycode. You can try to guess the keycode as many times as you want. Some tasks open in specific locations outdoors.


You are responsible for your own safety. Keep your eyes open and do not engage in anything that is dangerous!

If help is needed contact the instructor on her mobile (+12345678)

Happy hunting!