Rogain game type in Loquiz allows you to easily create Rogaine type of games on mobile devices. Just place checkpoints with different scores to different locations. Extra in Loquiz is that you can make it more interesting by awarding points only if the player answers correctly.

How does Rogain work?

This is what Wikipedia says about Rogaining: “Rogaining is a sport of cross-country navigation involving both route planning and navigation between checkpoints. Teams visit as many checkpoints as possible in the time allowed. Checkpoints are scored differently depending on the level of difficulty in reaching them; therefore teams choose a strategy (for example, to visit many low score checkpoints). Teams travel at their own pace.

In Loquiz players see all the locations (tasks) and their score on the map. The goal of the game is to gather as many points as possible during the time limit. Going for several low score locations or trying to get high score locations right are different options. When time runs out all the locations disappear from the map and users are directed to finish.

How to create a game?

  1. Add tasks.
  2. Set locations to the tasks that are not location-specific.
  3. Modify game’s settings (game name, welcome text, finish text, time limit, language, after-game meeting point if you want,  overwrite task timers if needed, decide how incorrect answers behave, limit hints and change pin settings).

Create a game and you are ready to go!

Game start

All the locations are visible in the beginning of the game. Players need to go to the right locations to open the tasks.

Game end

Rogain type of game end if:

a) Player has visited all the locations (visited locations disappear from the map). Finish message is displayed when all of the tasks have been answered. Game time will also stop in this case.

b) Game time runs out (optional). All the pins disappear from the map. Finish message is displayed and timer stopped.

Develop your game concept further

  • Simple outdoor games for groups, whose main focus is not playing, so it is simple to grasp.
  • Game on large area where players need to use bus or train.
  • Create game to “collect” something – money, mushrooms, points, donations etc.
  • Seek and avoid (add negative score to the tasks and make radius large).
  • Game where your main aim is to get 100 points exactly (add tasks negative and positive scores so players can adjust their score if needed). See “One hundred” game in Games Library.

Rogain is:

  • Suitable for large groups.
  • Easy to explain.
  • Relatively easy to create.
  • All the rich task attributes work in a game.

What makes Rogain special:

  • No start field, players choose themselves where they want to start;
  • Players create their own strategy and make up their own route;
  • No special finish field

Check out the video to see how the Rogain is created using the special tool.

See also how to achieve the same effect using the visual editor. This will give you more options should you want to develop your game further in the future.