Chat functionality allows teams to share text messages with other teams (default) within an event. This helps to keep up the team spirit and help each other out. It is also possible to send message to game instructor and vice versa, so instructor can send important information during the game using Chat. 

Activating chat functionality

To activate chat functionality tick “Allow chatting” in Game’s “Configure” page within Game wizard. Now all the events running on this game will have chat functionality activated for the players. If activated, then chat icon (speech bubble) becomes visible on upper right corner when game is started in device. Players are notified with short sound and coloured dot above the icon, every time when new chat message has arrived. Short message preview is also shown.

Using chat while playing

It is possible for the players to send message to all teams or send a private message to certain teams. Also, you have the ability to mute the chat if a lot of messages are sent between the teams.

  • Message to all teams – click on the chat icon on upper right corner, type in a message and click “Send”. All teams and web-based chat feed will receive this message.
  • Private message – to send a message to specific team, push “Choose team” button and choose to which team you want to send your message. Other ways how to send private message are 1) type in @teamname: your message  or 2) click on a team name in the chat list and type in the message. Your message will be sent to defined team only and remains secret for other teams.
Remember that while your private messages do not show on everybody’s  device, they will still be visible on results page or in Loquiz PRO. So these messages are kind of private in a game, but not really private.

Chat online feed and administrator messages

It is possible for game instructor to send administrator messages to all teams or for specific teams. For this you need to log in at and go to the results page of specific event, choose “Chat” subpage. You now have the possibility to send messages to all teams or aim your message only for certain team, as well as delete unwanted messages from the public list.

With chat it is also possible to share URL links

Chat functionality relies on internet connection. Your messages might not be delivered if internet connection is not present

Chat in testmode

Note that you can use chat in test mode.  Test mode messages will not end up on the results page.