Start your games faster with a QR code

February 5, 2020 - 1 minute read

While opening the app of Loquiz, you will probably notice a renewed login view with the option of launching the games with a QR code. The QR code scanner is built-in and doesn’t require an external app for scanning.

The updated login page of the Loquiz app

That change is another leap for better and improved end-user experience. From now on, there is an opportunity to skip generating commonly understood usernames and passwords if e.g. players are using their own devices. Just show/ hand over the printed QR code (the same QR code fits for everyone), and instruct the players to scan the code for an easy-launch.

But not only. It’s convenient for event instructors if multiple devices need to login to have the game set for players.

The QR code of the game is available in Event Configurations > QR code. There is an addition of a link “Download PDF” that helps you easily to download and print the QR code for the players to use.

Just to note that game opening with QR code is not applicable to batch passwords.

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