Some examples

March 10, 2012 - 2 minutes read

Here are some of the usage cases that we know Loquiz is used for. I am in now illusion that these are all – they are just the ones I know of.

Use case – incentive travel

Game in city that takes you to the most interesting places in the surroundings. Questions about specific objects in different locations.

Target group: foreign incentive group looking for after seminar activity

Use case – schools

Game that focuses on one subject taught in school. For example 5th grade literature. Questions are about that. Easily create games around different schools using the same set of questions in order to effectively help make the subject more interesting for pupils.

Target group: schools, teachers and pupils

Use case – local after-meeting activities

Easily build the games anywhere near the venues. Imagine local corporate group having out of office meeting and looking for something to do after the meeting. With Loquiz you can build the game incorporating their questions within minutes.

Target group: local companies

Use case – journey as a game

Suppose you need to take your group from hotel to restaurant on foot. Loquiz makes it easy to create a game that does that in a fun and educating way.

Target group: incentive groups

Use case – game in transit

Loquiz is very suitable to create a game for a busload of passengers making people pay attention to surroundings and each other.

Target group: corporate travel

Use case – play alone

Create the game around most important seminar venues and make it available for groups to play themselves. Decide how much you charge for every game and support. Let the groups know about the possibility.

Target groups: groups on budget, small groups, individuals


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