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How to create “Cash” dynamic with Loquiz?

Cash dynamic game

What’s the funniest thing about the Monopoly board game? Building houses? Winning? No.

The most appreciable feature is the cash. Who doesn’t like the smell and the texture of banknotes? Especially when you start accumulating them.

A meme

We didn’t know we needed it until the Monopoly came up with credit cards instead of cash. The feeling is somewhat… different.

Now, think about the Loquiz game you’re building. Would the addition of a cash dynamic be a great feature of your game? Absolutely.

With this, players will start negotiating with each other in order to win. The human side of the games will be highlighted. So people will suddenly appear as excellent partners in such a game.

However, implementing it needs a few steps.

Bringing the cash in your Loquiz game in 4 steps

Let’s see how we can bring it to life, in 4 steps.

1. Get some physical materials

The cash needs to be something physical. So it needs to be anything not virtual (as your Loquiz game). People want to touch it between their fingers as a reward. Or as a source of FOMO, leading them to be careful with what they negotiate.

You can conceive a paper banknote with a QR code of your choice.

To conceive the graphic part, I personally advise Canva. It’s easy to use, especially if you have clear ideas of design without having ever touched Photoshop.

To create QR codes, you can use this website. Just chose one distinct code for each banknote.

For example, this:

Then you can make entire pages of dozens of notes, with a different value and QR code on each of them.

Their value and quantity are up to your game.

As a personal advice, I recommend you print 5 banknotes per group (or device), with different values for each. Give the notes in envelopes to all the groups at the beginning. You can also require your client to print the notes if you offer this game remotely.

2. How to connect your cash with your Loquiz game?

The generated QR codes will let you make the connection between these banknotes and your own Loquiz game.

And that’s particularly the case thanks to one logical block from the Creator:

How does that work?

See the “yourcode”? It’s a text field. Enter any words or passwords that would match with one particular banknote.

Then copy and paste it on the QR Code Generator website as follows:

Then on the top right, you have a QR code! From there, you can download it for free in JPG or SVG format.

3. What is Loquiz logic for the banknotes?

With this block, you’ll be able to implement a cash mechanism. However, how is it possible to insert it in a bigger game? Or a pre-existing game?

In order to achieve this, here is my recommended logic:

When the QR code is scanned, then you earn cash!

Great, isn’t it? However, there’s a catch. If several players scan the same note, they’ll all get the bonus.

That’s not how a banknote (or a cheque) works, as far as I know.

Therefore, we need a mechanism to overcome this. So here is my idea:

As long as the task 1 is NOT correct by any team, then the banknote’s bonus can be received.

If any team gets the bonus, then all this logic won’t give the bonus to anybody else.

If you make this logic, make sure you do not forget the little block “not”. I’ve seen mistakes coming from this little “not” missing.

Good. But what if you want the player to only get the bonus at the end of the game?

Here is my logic:

Look at the task 2. After one hour of playing, then a message will tell the players that they can get the cash. But not before.

In this way, you can easily define when you want your players to get the bonus from the cash.

And that’s all! You can easily implement this logic in any game using cash logic.

4. Implementing it in your game

Now as you can easily set it up, you need to think about the following:

  • How can I make sure it fits well with my game? The banknotes need to be there for a reason.
  • Are you looking for your players to negotiate with each other?
  • What do they need to exchange, for banknotes? They need a strong reason.
  • Will they have enough time to negotiate? We’re often tempted to add many features to a game.
  • Will they understand that they need to negotiate? For this point, I advise that you spend 5 to 10 minutes at the beginning of the game to teach about some negotiation principles.

Once you’ve got a clear answer for all these points, then you’re ready to implement a cash mechanism in your game!

Another meme

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